Software Engineer - Maps Traffic Team

Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland
Software and Services


Weekly Hours: 40
Role Number: 200061019
When will rush hour start? How long will it take for a traffic jam to clear up? How will my route be affected by a nearby ball game? We believe these questions are important to you, and we strive to answer them for you. Helping people navigate around the Globe is one of our primary functions here on the Apple Maps team. We want to make sure that our recommendations are as accurate and responsive to external factors as possible. We are the Traffic Team, and we are looking to hire a Software Engineer to help us ensure that our features and functionalities are relevant and accurate, while handling and working with high volumes of live data. As an engineer on our team, you will analyze and build solutions which enhance data quality while influencing our navigation recommendations. Your work will create actionable insights which will positively enhance our customer's travel experiences every day.

Key Qualifications

  • Our team's main responsibility is to measure and predict speeds for every road in the world, and all in real-time. These speed values heavily influence routing and ETAs, as well as traffic display on the map. Your work will impact millions of people’s lives every single day.
  • Some required skills for this role are as follows:
  • Excellent Java, Scala, and/or C++ development skills
  • Strong familiarity with at least one major database technology (RDBMS or NoSQL)
  • Practical software systems design experience using object-oriented methodologies
  • Strong background in building large-scale data pipelines, possibly using Spark or Hadoop
  • Validated results working with large-scale real-time data
  • Shown experience in production data and/or services environments
  • Aptitude for learning independently; prototyping and proposing new software designs as a philosophy for delivering successful deployments
  • Excellent communication skills with shown experience working with multi-disciplined and multi-functional teams is highly desired


Our team drives the designs, crafts the solutions, and evaluates the systems that accurately process massive streams of location data. As one on our team, you will enhance the quality of our traffic solutions, innovating features and functionality, along with improving the experiences of millions of users each and every single day. As a traffic software engineer, you will be a key member of our team designing, implementing, and evaluating technologies that expertly curate and process huge amounts of GPS and sensor data. You to make substantial contributions towards the scalability and resilience of our core systems to ensure they work seamlessly across different execution contexts from real-time analysis to batch processing. Our team members collaborate with engineers, data scientists, and traffic authorities to build and enhance our systems that power our traffic production models. This role will inspire you to use your passion for detecting and rectifying data anomalies to create more meaningful data models and recommendations. We support a production system and as such, support outside of standard business hours may occasionally be required to assist with various team and system needs such as pager-support for periodic 24/7 on-call duties, video calls, or other project requirements.

Education & Experience

MSc or BS in Computer Science or a quantitative field plus relevant experience will be considered.

Additional Requirements

  • Experience with location data is a plus, but not required.