Display Calibration and Instrumentation Engineer

Munich, Bavaria-Bayern, Germany


Weekly Hours: 40
Role Number:200159955
Apple’s Display Calibration and Instrumentation Engineer is a terrific position for someone passionate about technology. Have you imagined yourself to be the designer of world's best optical metrology system for high volume mass production? Our organization plays a pivotal role in keeping up the quality standards at Apple and making sure that our customers are happy with the quality and experience of the hardware that they use. Employees of this organization enjoy having a chance to lead the design of a complete and custom system that is instrumental to the quality of Apple's products. You will be a part of the Display Calibration and Instrumentation group to develop customized solutions for calibrating, characterizing, and testing optical performance for iPhone, iPad, Watch, iMac, MacBooks, HomePods and more. You are responsible for developing optical instrument and whole system solution that is flexible and mass-production friendly to calibrate and inspect display module and products. You will work on system design, development, and factory deployment during new product introduction (NPI) stage, with the support from SW/HW functional teams. Be one of the first people in the world to witness new Apple products coming together for the first time.

Key Qualifications

  • Deep understanding of imaging system and display technology
  • Broad range of knowledge in imaging, non imaging optics, image processing, color science and software.
  • Familiarity with optical metrology tools, e.g. colorimeters, spectrometers, digital camera and light sources
  • Programming skills in one of Python, lua, C and/or Objective-C
  • Experience in designing optical system for mass production is a plus
  • Knowledge of camera or display calibration and characterization is a plus
  • Excellent interpersonal skills; clear technical communications with teammates, self-motivated and very responsible in work you're doing
  • Strong leadership and problem solving ability
  • Positive outlook and eager to stepping into uncharted technology space and work hard to deliver solutions in a timely fashion
  • The position requires some international travel (up to 30%)


Develop industry-leading calibration and metrology methodology, process and solutions for Apple display products Define calibration & measurement ERS (Engineering Requirement Specification), together with design teams Lead and drive all system design and development based on above ERS, with the supports from functional teams including mechanical design, software, instrumentation, display design, operation team etc Work with internal team and vendors to develop instruments and components. Validate and qualify the instrument performances to meet mass production requirements. Lead the qualification and improvement of the developed systems. Conduct HW/SW issues FA from system level down to the component level Deploy and validate the developed systems in factories in NPI stage Analyze large amounts of NPI display performance data and generate system design improvement plan

Education & Experience

- MS with 3+ years of industry experience in Optics, Imaging, Physics, Color Science or Electrical Engineering

Additional Requirements