Software Engineer- Networking/Privacy-

Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Software and Services


Weekly Hours: 37.5
Role Number:200170723
Do you have a passion for developing secure, performant systems-level software? We develop and deploy software which forms the foundation for some of Apple's most important services, including iCloud, Maps, iTunes, and more. Our software ensures that Apple's services are reliable, scalable, fast, and secure. In this role you will have a unique opportunity to participate in delivering some of the world's largest-scale cloud services.

Key Qualifications

  • - 3-5 years experience with C.
  • - Experience with Rust desirable and a huge plus
  • - Working experience with low-level networking.
  • - Expertise with Unix-type operating systems.
  • - Clear communication skills.


We are seeking an experienced software engineer with a passion for computer networking and security. Be part of a small, highly skilled team building network infrastructure services at Apple. The Apple Cloud Traffic team provides a secure networking layer to underpin consumer-facing applications. Based on a custom implementation of IPsec, it must handle the encryption of every packet passing between servers within and across vast data centres, with minimal overhead. Custom-built secure RPC protocols manage the keying, authentication and authorization of all traffic flows. The performance and security of the systems we build are critical. We interface directly to low-level Linux kernel interfaces, using asynchronous I/O and threads to distribute workload. Following a very successful first foray into Rust we are migrating an established codebase from C to Rust, and building new functionality primarily in Rust.

Education & Experience

BS in computer science or equivalent experience.

Additional Requirements