Senior RTL Design Engineer

London, Greater London, United Kingdom


Weekly Hours: 35
Role Number:200482381
Imagine what you could do here. At Apple, new ideas have a way of becoming extraordinary products, services, and customer experiences very quickly. Bring passion and dedication to your job and there is no telling what you could accomplish. Dynamic, smart people and inspiring, innovative technologies are the norm here. The people who work here have reinvented entire industries with all Apple Hardware products. The same passion for innovation that goes into our products also applies to our practices strengthening our commitment to leave the world better than we found it. The RTL Design team at the UK GPU Design Centre works on complex, large-scale GPU related projects. We partner with our graphics architecture, functional verification and physical design teams to deliver high-quality graphics IP in order to meet performance, feature, timing, area, and power goals .


You will work closely with other designers to refine GPU micro-architectural specifications as well as collaborate with the architecture, physical design & verification teams to identify potential issues as early as possible. You will implement the micro-architecture, targeting cutting-edge technology nodes, balancing energy efficiency, performance and area constraints with project schedule, maintainability and coding elegance. You will review synthesis and power reports, root-cause, resolve timing & power issues and ensure maximal QoR (quality of results) throughout your design. As your design approaches functional completion, your task will be to work closely with the verification team to ensure the design behaves as intended and is tested thoroughly. At this point, there will be ongoing collaboration with the physical design team to help with any adjustments necessary to produce an optimal layout of the design, in its context. Once your design is integrated into the system as a whole, you'll be simulating and debugging issues both within and around your design.

Minimum Qualifications

Key Qualifications

  • Previous complex IP design experience required.
  • Experience working on GPUs is desirable but not required.
  • Understanding of implementing modern design techniques.
  • Hands on experience with energy-efficient and low-power logic design.
  • Strong background in computer architecture including one or more of: high-speed CMOS processor and controller blocks, cache controllers, bus-interface subsystems, integer and floating-point numeric units, digital filters, graphics processors, crossbar fabrics and other high-speed data-path control units.
  • Well-versed in logic optimisation, synthesis, and timing analysis.
  • Fluency with RTL Verilog/VHDL syntax & hardware modelling.
  • Familiarity with logic simulation and debug environments as well as formal verification.
  • Ability to work well in a team and be productive under tight schedules.
  • Excellent communications skills, self-motivated and well-organised.

Preferred Qualifications

Education & Experience

BSc/MSc/BEng/MEng/PhD in related fields

Additional Requirements

  • Some international travel required