Senior Software Framework Engineer - System Intelligent and Machine Learning, ISE

Cupertino, California, United States
Machine Learning and AI


Weekly Hours: 40
Role Number:200525273
Are you interested in making an extensive and impactful contribution to Machine Learning at Apple? Our Scene Understanding (SUN) team is hiring a technical lead in ML software engineering. SUN is comprised of engineers who own a variety of production ML workflows that surprise and delight millions of our customers! Our team contributes to a variety of shipping workflows you may already regularly use, including: Photos Search, Curation, Memories, Intelligent Autocrop, Visual Captioning for Accessibility, Federated Learning on visual content, Real-time Classification & Saliency in Camera, Semantic Segmentation in Camera, and several on-device backbones across the system. Further, several of our projects are surfaced to third party developers through Vision & CoreML. Shipping APIs include image tagging, image similarity, saliency estimation and prints for transfer learning. Here are a selection of relevant WWDC presentations:

Key Qualifications

  • 5+ years of industry experience within framework development
  • Strong Software Fundamentals
  • Proficient in coding in C++ and/or Objective C
  • You’ve demonstrated leadership in framework development
  • Experience with multiple modalities (image, text, audio, etc)
  • Proven prototyping skills
  • You have strong analytical and problem solving skills
  • You're aware of the challenges associated to the transition of a prototype into a final product
  • You're familiar with the challenges of developing algorithms that run efficiently on resource constrained platforms
  • Comfortable presenting research to large audiences with the ability to work hands-on in multi-functional teams


The Scene Understanding team is looking for an ML software engineer with a proven track record in shipping customer experiences. You will be interacting very closely with a variety of ML researchers, software engineers, hardware & design teams cross functionally. Among the most important requirement would be a deep understanding of software fundamentals, and the ability to translate ML algorithms into production quality code. Solutions developed will leverage multi-modal inputs (visual, range, nlp, audio) with a strong emphasis on visual processing. The primary responsibilities associated with this position range from algorithm design and implementation, ability to integrate research into production frameworks, and collaborating closely with product teams before and after feature launch.

Education & Experience

B.S. or M.S in Computer Science or a related field (mathematics, physics or computer engineering); or equivalent experience.

Additional Requirements

  • Experience with OS X and iOS development tools and familiarity with GPU programming is desired
  • Familiarity with Machine Learning algorithms is a plus

Pay & Benefits