Data Engineer/ Software Engineer - Zurich Vision Lab

Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland
Machine Learning and AI


Role Number:200158822
Our team is focused on real-time computer vision and image processing, combining modern machine learning approaches with geometric knowledge from Computer Vision. In the context of machine learning we need to collect large amounts of data, push it reliably through data processing pipelines, let large clouds crunch on it, continuously verify and report the accuracy of the resulting algorithms, and finally transfer trained models to products. We are working on the groundbreaking of academic research while creating shipping features, such as portrait mode, ARKit and Animoji. We are looking for a talented person who feels eager to act both, as a Software Engineer as well as Data Engineer, to shape the future of our data pipelines. You will be working in a diverse, fast moving team based in Zürich and will interact regularly with teams based in Cupertino, USA.

Key Qualifications

  • High-level understanding as well as hands-on experience in implementing data pipelines
  • Proficient in scripting and/or functional programming languages such as Python, Scala, Bash, Groovy, Ruby
  • Experience with database, message queueing, and data streaming solutions (for instance: PostgreSQL, AWS RDS, Apache Kafka, AWS Kinesis, RabbitMQ, Redis, Apache Spark, or similar tools)
  • Experience in (regression) testing data pipelines
  • Experience with DevOps and application monitoring tools is a plus (for instance: Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, CloudFormation, Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Salt, Splunk, Elastic/ELK Stack, Sentry, Datadog, or similar tools)
  • Knowledge of Machine Learning and Computer Vision is a plus
  • Knowledge of Mac and Linux environments is a plus


You will be working on data pipelines to support the development of the next generation video and image analysis projects in our computer vision research. Our work is focused on real time performance and finds its way into the whole range of future apple products. Your contribution will ensure that Apple delivers these products with the highest quality.

Education & Experience

- Bachelor / Master Computer Science or equivalent work experience If this is you, we'd love to hear from you.

Additional Requirements