Genius Admin

Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland
Apple Retail


Weekly Hours: 21
Role Number:200191631
As the Genius Admin, you are the gatekeeper for the Genius and Technical Expert teams and help them provide world-class service at the Genius Bar and in the Repair Room. As the gatekeeper for all customer repairs, whether it’s a quick repair or a more involved procedure, you manage customer expectations.

Key Qualifications

  • Action-oriented and motivated to do what’s best for the customer and the team, frequently anticipating and adjusting for problems and roadblocks.
  • Can make decisions quickly, sometimes under tight deadlines and pressure.
  • Provide information that team members need to do their jobs and make accurate decisions.


You share information and provide service that continuously enhances the customer experience. You manage and oversee all operational activities in the Repair Room. You manage the quick repair process; identify, prioritize, and stage all repairs. You keep customers updated on repair status to minimize potential negative impact of aging repairs. You assist with customer service issues. You manage the customer pickup process for all completed repairs including; identifying, verifying, and preparing. You process received depot repairs including; verifying successful repairs, confirming repairs, contacting customers, and managing case notes. You work with the Operations Team to manage and track service repair inventory and are acutely aware of inventory levels and orders replacement consumables. You stay alert to loss-prevention issues and use checks and balances based on processes and reports. You manage end-of-month and new-month paperwork, CRU paperwork, and document storage.

Education & Experience

Additional Requirements

  • • You can orchestrate multiple activities simultaneously to accomplish the goal.
  • • You delegate clearly and comfortably to all team members while sharing responsibility and accountability.