AI/ML - Machine Learning Engineer, Machine Intelligence

Beijing, Beijing, China
Machine Learning and AI


Role Number:200008167
We are looking for experienced research scientists with a passion for using machine learning to transform people's life by innovating on intelligent user experiences. As a member of this team, you will use your deep understanding of computer vision, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to take on substantial technical problems. You will have the opportunity to research, design and implement new machine learning algorithms and techniques, collaborate with the most innovative product development teams in the world, and transfer your results into solutions to impact the next generation of Apple products.

Key Qualifications

  • Deep technical skills in machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, natural language processing, or artificial intelligence
  • Good track record of innovation in creating novel computer vision and machine learning algorithms and advancing the state of the art
  • Strong fundamentals in problem solving, algorithm design, and model building, and experiences in building early stage products
  • A passion for creating innovative techniques, making them robust and scalable, and realizing in high impact products
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, in both Mandarin Chinese and English


As a member of the AI/ML team in China, you will design and evaluate new algorithms, models and methods that will impact Apple and the broad ML community. You will also collaborate with teams across Apple, who are building the newest, most compelling intelligent applications in the world. You will also be a trusted advisor for best practice machine learning development. Your responsibilities include: Researching, developing and implementing the most innovative machine learning, artificial intelligence, computer vision and NLP techniques Transferring machine learning solutions to data scientists and engineers on product teams Providing technical guidance to product teams on the choice of machine learning approaches appropriate for a task Providing architectural guidance on transitioning prototypes to high-performance production models Providing feedback on tools and new features needed back to platform development teams Contributing to talent acquisition and training to newer researchers and engineers

Education & Experience

PhD in Machine learning, Statistics, Computer Science, Physics, or related field with 2+ years of machine learning research experience MS in related field with 2+ years building machine learning models in industry

Additional Requirements