NPS SSM Intern

Shanghai, Shanghai, China


Weekly Hours: 40
Role Number:200118910
The candidate will be responsible for overseeing the secrecy and security of manufacturing and production activities. Position will reside in Asia Pacific (APAC) and require travel within the region per need. The individual will work with APAC new product security mainly SSMs (supplier security manager) or/and the apple supplier security staff to contribute to the day-to-day progress regarding the goal to protect Apple design secrecy. Position reports to Manager, Supplier Chain Security, APAC region.

Key Qualifications

  • Essential Skills, personal skill and office skill both are basic.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Profound logic thinking and constructive problem solving methodology.
  • Proactive and responsible.
  • Acute observation and prompt response.
  • Persistent, goal/deadline driven work style.
  • Methodical, disciplined, detail-oriented evaluation capabilities.
  • Multi-lingual, English and Chinese fluency required.


Support SSMs or managers to collect and analyze the data to combine to security reports or subject to any other assignment. • Join SSMs or managers to conduct security assessment and come up with the proper mitigation or countermeasures. • Per guidance and learning, support SSMs or managers to identify deficiencies and gaps which lead to secrecy leak or theft. • Per guidance and learning, engage and contribute to manage solution-oriented corrective actions, in particular confidentiality protection and secrecy leak detection and prevention. • Educate and coordinate with cross functional teams to fulfill a well designed and implemented security protocol and process. • Join SSMs or managers to travel to supplier and conduct the factory visit as needed. • As needed, support document and data protection or any other cyber and forensic activities. • As needed, support breach or leak investigation. • Coordinate or support any other assignment as manager requested.

Education & Experience

Legal major with equivalent bachelor degree, or national BAR.

Additional Requirements