Siri - Software Engineer (Build, Tools & Infrastructure)

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
Software and Services


Posted: 12 Sep 2018
Weekly Hours: 35
Role Number: 114189795
"People with passion can change the world" Make the world a better place and join the next revolution in human-computer interaction. At Siri we're looking for a creative Build Engineer eager to improve, develop and craft tools for our distributed systems.

Key Qualifications

  • C/C++ compilers (gcc, clang) and linkers (GNU ld, gold)
  • Cross-platform compilation (macOS, Linux)
  • Distributed build tools (e.g. distcc, icecream)
  • Worked with high-level build tools (e.g. CMake, Bazel)
  • Package management systems (e.g. RPM, deb)
  • Understanding of other language build and packaging best practices (Java, Python)
  • Designing build systems for: performance, reliability, traceability, reproducibility


Working as part of an extraordinary team, you will spend your time evolving the tools that build, evaluate and deploy our software stack. In our tight-knit R&D family you will collaborate closely with engineering teams to drive improvements in the technology. Our work relies on very large quantities of data, state-of-the-art methods in machine learning, and a sophisticated distributed learning framework to tackle real world problems at scale. You should therefore be passionate about building extraordinary products that are used by millions of people. To drive innovation you should know how C/C++ code is compiled with an understanding of linkers and loaders. You will be responsible for designing or maintaining a build system and complex package & dependency management. Working closely with engineers and scientists from many teams at Apple, we look for team-mates who thrive in a dynamic environment with rapidly changing priorities. If this is you, we'd love to hear from you.

Education & Experience

Degree in computer science or equivalent

Additional Requirements