Siri - Machine Learning Manager

Seattle, Washington, United States
Machine Learning and AI


Weekly Hours: 40
Role Number: 200007932
The Siri Core Engineering team is looking for an exceptional machine learning (ML) manager who is passionate about delivering innovative experiences and technologies to millions of users on existing and upcoming Apple products. This is a rare and unique opportunity to establish a new “Siri Core Intelligence” team, work on end-to-end features that span engineering, ML and UI, and even influence the design of the intelligence architecture of the world’s most popular virtual assistant. Candidates should not only be able to recruit and train ML engineers, but must have excellent programming skills with extensive experience integrating ML models into client devices under all types of system/computational constraints and managing the lifecycle of these models, including post-production data collection and model-debugging. Furthermore, to be successful in this role, candidates must have excellent interpersonal skills and a proven track record of collaboration and technical leadership.

Key Qualifications

  • 5+ years experience applying machine learning to shipped products or services.
  • 5+ years working on or with systems level components and frameworks.
  • 2+ years experience updating deployed machine learned components.
  • 2+ years managing machine learning engineers preferred.
  • 2+ years as a machine learning engineer preferred.
  • Strong background in at least one area of machine learning, such as deep learning, ASR, NLP, robotics, computer vision, gesture recognition, multimodal fusion, etc.
  • Excellent algorithm and data structure skills (time and space complexity analysis, optimization, etc).
  • Proficiency in C/C++/Objective-C and Python.
  • Excellent software engineering design skills and practices.
  • Enthusiasm for continuing to learn state-of-the-art techniques in machine learning.
  • Proven track record of collaboration with excellent interpersonal skills.


If hired, you will be spearheading a new “Siri Core Intelligence” team that will be responsible for intricately interweaving machine learning components at both the systems- and UI-level for end-to-end features. You will be influencing the design of the intelligence architecture of Siri in order to support next generation experiences for both existing and upcoming Apple products. To succeed in this role, you must have a strong background in both ML and engineering. As an engineer, you must know how to debug and ship code, manage legacy code, and re-architect as needed. As a machine learning specialist, you must appreciate the entire lifecycle of building, deploying and updating ML components in light of ever changing data. As a leader, you must be a proactive and determined problem solver who thrives in a fast-paced environment. Since Siri is a component of many different products, you must be able to work across organizations to synthesize requirements and top issues from each product into a coherent schedule, and set priorities for the team. Finally, you must be passionate about delivering compelling experiences for users while respecting privacy and paying close attention to details in the Apple way. This position offers the right person a chance to play an important role in the next revolution in machine learning and human-computer interaction. You will contribute to a product that is redefining computing. You will be bringing intelligence to Apple products and to the millions of customers that use them. You will be the new lead of the Siri Core Intelligence team.

Education & Experience

M.S. or Ph.D. in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Statistics, Physics or related fields.

Additional Requirements