SW Engineer, Videos

London, Greater London, United Kingdom
Software and Services


Posted: 3 Dec 2018
Role Number: 200017996
Our team is responsible for exposing Apple Media content and services to the world, and building the infrastructure for next generation internal and external systems. Our apps, serving billions of requests every hour, help drive products such as iTunes App Store, Apple Music, and iTunes Store applications on iOS, Desktop, and Apple TV.

Key Qualifications

  • - Experience with big data pipelines and workflow management with Azkaban
  • - Experience with Spark workflows and Spark streaming
  • - Experience with deployment infrastructure including Containers, AWS, Dockers, etc.
  • - Experience with building Java micro-services at high scale
  • - Experience with GRPC and HTTP 2
  • - Experience with rapid prototyping and feature development as part of large complex organizations and projects
  • - Experience with XML generation via big data pipelines
  • - Experience with Java Netty and other asynchronous server frameworks
  • - Experience with tuning performance for complex Java services using open source tools


We are looking for Java backend developer with proven work experience to work across the entire backend infrastructure including big data technologies, API design, and a deep understanding of Java in the areas of threading models, garbage collection, and performance. This person will be responsible for building high scale services with low latency requirements for the Apple Video product line. The ideal candidate would bring to the table experience working in video workflows as well as experience working cross functionality within the organization with multiple teams to lead specific engineering initiatives”

Education & Experience

BS CS/CE/EE or equivalent experience

Additional Requirements

  • This position offers competitive salary and benefits.
  • The position will remain open until January 2 2019.