Siri - Developer Support Engineer

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
Software and Services


Posted: 2 Jan 2019
Role Number: 200023665
The Siri launch was a defining moment in the history of Artificial Intelligence. Hundreds of millions of people now use Siri to send a message, play their favourite song or even take a selfie. Now imagine what you could do at Apple. Through groundbreaking innovation we're driving a new revolution in the way people and devices interact. To help continue this work we are looking for a Support Engineer to help our development team.

Key Qualifications

  • Linux systems
  • High-level build tools (e.g. CMake, Bazel, Gradle)
  • Query languages and log aggregation software (e.g. SQL, Splunk)
  • Familiarity investigating test results from common test harnesses (JUnit, Jasmine, pyTest)
  • Source control software (Git/GitHub)
  • Continuous Integration Environments (e.g. Jenkins, TeamCity, etc.)
  • Ability to trouble-shoot problems based on logs and stack traces
  • Problem-solving and debugging skills
  • Strong communication skills and ability to work with multiple engineering teams to resolve issues
  • Experience supporting large build systems and development teams


Working as part of an extraordinary team, you will spend your time supporting the tools that build, evaluate and deploy our software stack. You’ll be responsible for triaging issues reported in Siri, analyzing diagnostics, and working with engineering teams to get this resolved. Our work relies on very large quantities of data, state-of-the-art methods in machine learning, and a sophisticated distributed learning framework to tackle real world problems at scale. You should therefore be passionate about building extraordinary products that are used by millions of people. To drive productivity you should be able to quickly diagnose and remedy or escalate common failures. You will be responsible for maintaining high availability for our developer infrastructure. Working closely with engineers and scientists from many teams at Apple, we look for team-mates who thrive in a dynamic environment with rapidly changing priorities. If this is you, we'd love to hear from you.

Education & Experience

Additional Requirements