Architecture Validation Intern

Saint Albans, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom


Role Number:200191486
Apple’s GPU Hardware Tech team are responsible for the outstanding graphics in Apple’s chips which power everything from Apple Watch and Apple TV to iPhone and iPad. We have unique career opportunities for students interested in applying their hardware and software knowledge towards developing Apple’s cutting-edge GPUs. We’re looking for those with talent and ambition to innovate the way we design graphics processors, to provide the next technological leap and improve customer experiences in areas like real-time graphics, VR/AR, parallel computing and deep learning, and welcome you to work among the industry’s best. Students that excel at and love real-time computer graphics and are familiar with computer architecture and modelling, GPU programming, graphics algorithms, and game design are a perfect fit for our team. As an intern of the Architecture Validation Team, you will assist with delivering high quality graphics IP in order to meet performance, feature, timing, area and power goals. We will provide you with the mentorship and the opportunity to collaborate with experienced Modelling/Content Engineers, as well as work alongside our GPU platform architecture, design, and functional verification teams that are responsible for our GPU products.

Key Qualifications

  • Currently enrolled in your 3rd year of a CE, EE, CS, or related field.
  • Coursework focusing on computer architecture and GPU programming.
  • Strong programming skills and knowledge of C/C++.
  • Good knowledge of (GPU) computer architecture and some experience in modelling, OR
  • Working knowledge of graphics rendering algorithms, and experience with GPU APIs (preferably Metal, OpenGL, and/or OpenCL).
  • Excellent communications skills, self-motivated and well-organised.


With guidance, you will work within the Modelling Team to create executable specifications of GPU architecture and write functional/performance models, or within the Content Team to define, write, and debug GPU architectural/functional/performance test suites. You will collaborate with architecture, verification teams, and software teams to present results and recommendations based on modelling results, and to mitigate potential issues as early as possible. Potential tasks for this role are: Creating bit-accurate C++ models, performance models for analysing microarchitecture trade-offs. Supporting GPU hardware teams and software teams during during design bring-up. Participating in the design and implementation of GPU verification tools and APIs. Writing low-level tests as well as application-level use cases exercising new GPU features or drive design changes that add exciting new features to Metal APIs and other low-level GPU-accelerated APIs. 3, 6 and 12 month internships are available.

Education & Experience

Currently enrolled in your 3rd year of your BSc/MSc/BEng/MEng/PhD from a reputable university.

Additional Requirements

  • Closing date for applications is December 4th, 2020.