Manager, Loss Prevention Apple Retail, Hong Kong

Hong Kong, Hong Kong Region, Hong Kong
Corporate Functions


Role Number:200361843
You are responsible for facilitating Hong Kong stores’ safety and security, managing shrinkages and working closely with market and store leaderships (General Managers, Store Leaders) to ensure that all aspects of Loss Prevention are in compliance with company standards and policy. You supervise engagements with local police authorities.

Key Qualifications

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Excellent inter-personal skills.
  • Must speak and write English, Chinese.
  • Fluency in spoken Cantonese is a must.
  • Ability to travel to stores, construction sites, and manoeuvre around sales floors, stock room and offices.
  • Traveling on short notice.
  • Ability to work under pressure.


Maintain physical security systems and equipment (CCTV, access control, alarm) and the management of contract security guards to safeguard physical assets and employees. Review the deployment of in-store security guards to ensure that the prevailing risk exposure is mitigated, and the overall effectiveness and efficiency of their deployment. Identify opportunities for productivity gains in guard’s deployment. Evaluate and approve/reject requests for additional guards due to ad hoc events, remodel or expansion projects. Work with the security vendors to ensure that the performances of guards meet requirements and expectation. Conduct investigations into complaints against guards, especially those concerning honesty and integrity. Implement solutions to close any control gaps. Lead security planning and implementation for major events such as new stores opening and new product launches. These include queue management, manpower, logistics (such as stanchions and metal barricades). Work closely with stores and Market Support functions (such as Marketing) for such events. Investigate all losses / shortages, frauds, security violations and other irregularities with prima facie evidence, i.e. suspicion is predicated on reasonable and substantial 
 grounds: Investigate major incidents at the stores and submit written updates and escalators in accordance to prevailing policies. Conduct research and interviews with informants / suspects. Submit written reports on investigations activities performed and findings. Partner HR in coordinating case-management conferences where necessary to ensure alignment. Partner other internal investigations agencies such as Global Security and Internal Audit where necessary and appropriate, to enhance investigations effectiveness and efficiency. Monitor, collect and analyse information on persons of interests (POI), fraud trends 
 and modus operandi to enhance solving rates: Share information or intelligence where appropriate with other internal investigations agencies such as Global Security Investigations or Internal Audit. Proactively monitor red flags and other control breaches to identify employee thefts, frauds and violations. Develop safety and security policies and procedures. Work with Retail Communications to ensure that the policies and procedures are effectively communicated to the stores. Offer recommendations and solutions in crisis situations such as work place violence and natural disasters. Participate in Threats Assessment Team (“TAT”) calls. Support LP Operations to ensure all new stores and the leased spaces of existing stores are adequately protected. Review and update Physical Security Plan for each store regularly. Identify opportunities and conduct training on safety, security, PSB engagements and other LP-related subject matters to SEA Managers and store leaderships. Engage market and store leaderships (Market Leaders, Flag Leaders, Store Leaders) regularly, as well as Market Support functions such as Store Strategies, Retail Marketing, Government Affairs, Preservation & Development, etc.

Education & Experience

Additional Requirements