Post Production Exec- Scripted, tv+ (6 Month Contract)

London, Greater London, United Kingdom
Software and Services


Role Number:200408330
We are looking for a Post Production Exec to support our UK Apple TV+ Original content initiative, based out of the London office! This role will, in an executive capacity, supervise the post production process on productions, from pre-production through delivery, as well as assist with minor production needs, and ensure transparency and quality control for the Apple TV+ Content team.

Key Qualifications

  • Demonstrable post production executive experience.
  • Experience as a post production supervisor for premium content in the UK.
  • Client experience with post production and visual effects vendors in the UK and Europe.
  • A deep knowledge of how the post production process works in the UK and Europe, as well as familiarity and relationships with many reputable post production service facilities, main title houses, and visual effects facilities.
  • Proven ability of supervising the editorial process and delivering to a variety of broadcasters; streaming platforms a plus.
  • A strong background in visual effects and the visual effects process for 4K and premium content.
  • Knowledge and firsthand experience of leading a show through post production and delivery with the ability to not over reach, and the ability of when to step up if needed.
  • The ability to supervise a mix or color session as needed.
  • Extensive knowledge and understanding of the digital filmmaking process, deliverables requirements, cameras, lenses, 4K, Dolby Vision HDR, Dolby Atmos, all the leading and cutting-edge specifications being explored by premium content distributors
  • A love for premium content and storytelling
  • An appreciation of the Apple brand and what it stands for


The position is based in London with occasional travel within the UK, as well as to other sites in Europe. You'll work with the Post Production Team in the Los Angeles office and support the London content team. Supervise the UK, Europe, and Africa based post production teams of at least sixteen shows for streaming broadcast in various stages of production and complexity, with the expectation of adding many more shows to supervise for both streaming broadcast and theatrical release. Supervision of various aspects of other shows with post production based out of the US will be required. Maintain relationships with all UK post production, visual effects, and main title vendors, as well as general communication with the UK and Europe based shows. Work with the Apple Security team to ensure content protection in the UK and Europe, as well as work with the Video Operations Team to help with troubleshooting deliverables. Responsible for general communication with the shows and Los Angeles and will be quality control for all UK and Europe based materials for the Apple Content team. Supervising the post production teams based in the UK, Europe, and Africa. Communicating with all UK, Europe, and Africa based post production teams weekly at minimum for updates, discuss any budding issues, or communicate any changes from Apple Solving problems related to budget, schedule, and delivery as needed. Working with visual effects facilities as needed to help productions achieve the desired schedules and budgets, as well as a voice for any creative concerns from the Los Angeles based content team. Helping to solve any technical issues in the pipeline with Apple and the production companies, especially content movement related. Attending and screening camera tests to make sure that the quality of capture will meet final specifications. Working with productions in pre-production to help them plan the proper equipment and process to achieve our required deliverables. Attending complex visual effects shoots and meetings as needed. QCing all final shows along with the vendor before they are delivered to the platform in Los Angeles.

Education & Experience

Additional Requirements