CAD EM/IR Engineer

Haifa, Israel


Posted: Jan 15, 2019
Role Number: 200028497
As part of our core team member in our advanced CAD Global Group, you work on state of the art designs. We will utilize your hands-on experience in power EM/IR analysis to develop, define and refine the methodologies and flows for gate-level, as well as transistor level designs. The high level design will include functional static/dynamic IR analysis, scan mode IVD analysis, package model handling, power EM analysis, SigEM, power switch modeling, design abstract and reuse for EM/IR purposes, IP/SoC level EMIR sign-off/ECO and more.

Key Qualifications

  • 4+ years of experience in PD
  • EM/IR knowledge is an advantage
  • Develop EM and IR related flows for better accuracy and efficient runs
  • Support design teams with ramping the work environment, correct settings and reliable runs.
  • Work directly with the tool vendors and drive them to resolve tools bugs and implement required improvements
  • Explore and define new technology nodes settings, work with technology teams on the actual node limits


Primary responsibilities will include development of custom EM/IR solutions Rewriting and streamlining the EM/IR flow as well as assume ownership of entire flow. Many shared relationships with various design groups (Physical-design and integration, Circuit-design/Power/Technology) on their EM/IR requirements for various post layout flows. Work closely with vendors/foundries for tool qualification and debug.

Education & Experience

BSC or MSC in Electrical Engineering/ Computer Engineering

Additional Requirements