System Software Engineer

Herzliya, Israel
Software and Services


Role Number: 200120124
In this role, you will have the opportunity to work cross-functionally up and down the software stack, enabling new hardware and software platform features as well as improving the performance and security of the system.

Key Qualifications

  • Excellent C and C++ programming skills
  • Experience with Objective-C or Swift is a plus
  • Strong understanding of operating system concepts and layering
  • Strong understanding of file system principles
  • Experience with network client-server programming using the BSD Sockets API
  • Experience programming in the Linux / BSD / POSIX environment
  • Basic familiarity with the interface between kernel and user-space in a Unix system
  • Experience with API design
  • Ability to quickly understand and modify existing codebases
  • Ability to ramp up quickly on both new technologies and existing technologies
  • Familiarity with Apple products and technologies is a plus
  • Highly focused, with the ability to deliver solid work on tight schedules
  • Excellent collaborative skills, with strong written and verbal communication


You will be working on a variety of client-server applications and support frameworks that contribute to the user experience of Apple products by providing tighter integration of applications and system components with the file system.

Education & Experience

BS or higher in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or equivalent experience/skills.

Additional Requirements