Computer Graphics and Vision R&D Engineer - Imaging & Sensing Technology Group

Herzliya, Israel
Machine Learning and AI


Role Number:200188130
Apple's Camera group is looking for an extraordinary Computer Graphics and Vision R&D engineer to creatively research, prototype and enable state-of-the-art future Apple technologies and products, based around depth, geometry and vision. Our close-knit team fosters an environment of product innovation, rapid product iteration and collaboration at both team and multi-functional levels with a liberating amount of autonomy. We develop and contribute to major Apple products such as the TrueDepth camera, FaceID, Portrait mode, ARKit Scene Reconstruction and many more. We live in a mobile and device driven world where knowledge of the physical world around us is needed. We rely on this knowledge to get around, to learn about our environment and to enable spectacular new features for custom applications. Apple is meeting those needs as robustly and as creatively as possible and is interested in people who want to help meet that commitment. The success we are targeting will be the result of very skilled people working in an environment which cultivates creativity, partnership, and thinking of old problems in new ways. If you think you are up for the challenge, then let us know!

Key Qualifications

  • Minimum 5 years of relevant work experience with at least 3 years of experience with real-time Computer Vision (OpenCV or similar) and 3D platforms (VTK / Unreal / Unity or similar)
  • Experience with shaders for real-time 3D engines (e.g. GLSL, Metal, Cuda …)
  • Deep expertise and knowledge of algorithms for digital geometry processing (on point clouds, meshes), graphics rendering (raycasting, raytracing)
  • Formal exposure and practical experience with 3D computer vision (pinhole callibration, stereo systems, image processing) and machine learning (numerical optimization strategies, deep learning)
  • At least 3 years of C/C++ programming, *nix environments. Some experience with: Python, Objective-C, C#
  • Highly motivated, curious, creative and proven capability to work in a group and also handle tasks independently
  • Expected to be innovative, think out of the box & have a strong drive for excellence


As a Graphics and Vision R&D Engineer you will be responsible for exploring, inventing and prototyping on top of current and future technologies and products at Apple. The role requires you to have a deep curiosity and ability to understand and design complex graphics and vision flows while abstracting their core functionality to produce high quality concepts and prototype demos. Non-trivial research and use of cutting edge methodologies in volumetric rendering, stereo imaging, and real time geometry and depth processing will be core parts of your day to day work. From a more creative perspective it is expected that you know how to build and modify shaders that can produce particle effects, different surface lighting, texturing and more. A lot of work at Apple involves interfacing with cross-functional groups across the company and requires excellent communication skills. You will participate in demonstrating novel prototyping concepts and potentially supporting them through to the point where they are ready for production level implementation. Good familiarity with camera sensors (pinhole model, stereo) and machine learning concepts(deep learning) is required as these form a basis for a lot of the work in the group.

Education & Experience

5+ years proven work in 3D Gaming/Simulation engines or MSc/PhD in Computer Science/Electrical engineering (Computer Graphics / Computer Vision )

Additional Requirements