Database Engineer - Oracle

Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Corporate Functions


Posted: 25 Oct 2018
Weekly Hours: 40
Role Number: 114286419
Imagine what you could do here. At Apple, new ideas have a way of becoming great products, services, and customer experiences very quickly. Bring passion and dedication to your job and there's no telling what you could accomplish. Have you ever noticed that the time shown on every Apple device,all over the world, is synchronized to the millisecond? That’s just one of many accomplishments of the Infrastructure Services team. They manage database and data store solutions at a huge scale. They provide the Apple developer community with best-in-class, secure, compliant compute storage and networking services that rival the largest public cloud platforms. And they have a team that collects and manages network data used for inventory, network security, compliance, and other tasks in close collaboration with business groups. The people of Infrastructure Services also manage the communications infrastructure in every Apple facility on the planet. They’re responsible for the design and management of the world’s greenest data centers, supporting hundreds of thousands of networked devices. The result is a remarkable feat of engineering: a vast network connecting over a billion Apple devices. You are a passionate Database engineer who will join the team responsible for providing new architectures and scalability solutions to ever growing business and data processing needs. In this role you will solve complex problems and have the curiosity to explore and learn new technologies for innovative solutions. If you love to solve internet scale challenges then this is the right job for you.

Key Qualifications

  • 8-10 Years of experience as Database Administrator, Architect or Developer
  • Design new Database Architectures for new Business Requirements
  • Deep understanding of Oracle Performance debugging features/tools
  • Expertise in SQL tuning using tracing, execution plans, wait events, advisors etc.
  • Deep understanding of SQL Execution plan is a requirement
  • Golden Gate based Active/Active Replication
  • Detailed DB performance analysis using various tools OEM, AWR, ASH, OS monitoring tools
  • Understanding of Physical and logical Schema designs to drive scalability and performance requirements
  • Experience in system components including CPU, RAM, IO and SAN
  • Solid understanding of various architectures for supporting Active-Active, HA, DR Solutions
  • Basic understanding on NoSQL architectures, Advance understanding is a plus
  • Understanding of MongoDB or Vertica is a plus
  • OS Tuning using Kernel parameters
  • Understanding of OS debugging tools Dtrace, Strace, Vmstat, Top, Netstat etc.
  • Superb interpersonal skills, for collaborating across many participating teams
  • RDBMS: Oracle
  • NoSQL DB: MongoDB
  • Columnar DB: Vertica
  • OS: AIX, LINUX, Solaris
  • Replication: Streams, Golden Gate
  • Languages: Java, Python, PL/SQL, SQL and Shell Scripting
  • Tools: OEM, AWR, ASH, SQL Advisors, Various Oracle tracing, OS Tools/Tracing


You are a driven individual who likes performance challenges and has the ability to think out of the box creatively to come up with different technology solutions or architectures to meet requirements. You have the ability to work independently on live production performance issues working with multiple teams. Deep understanding of various oracle tuning areas (SGA, PGA, SQLs, IO, Latches, Lock) is a must. Experience with replication technologies like Oracle Streams, Golden Gate and Oracle Data integrator Understanding Data caching technologies based on Object, Unstructured or Structured using RDBMS Understanding of Vertica and MongoDB is a plus Programming in Java is a plus Work with various guides in Network, System and Application to drive an issue to a closer. Actively create and manage the Technology strategy by exploring, accessing and piloting new technologies and frameworks so that where applicable, processes and deliveries to meet business objectives are optimized. Experienced level contribution in the development of Applications Architecture. gone through at least 2 large scale project implementation involving business critical, web customer facing applications.

Education & Experience

BS/MS Computer Science or equivalent.

Additional Requirements