PKI Engineer - Certificate Authority Program

Santa Clara Valley (Cupertino), California, United States
Software and Services


Posted: Sep 11, 2018
Weekly Hours: 40
Role Number: 113895306
Why Apple? We live in a mobile and device driven world where knowledge of the physical world around us is needed. We rely on this knowledge to get around, to learn about our environment and to enable spectacular new features for custom applications. Apple is meeting those needs as robustly and as creatively as possible and is interested in people who want to help meet that commitment. The success we are striving will be the result of very skilled people working in an environment which cultivates creativity, partnership, and thinking of old problems in new ways. If that sounds like the kind of environment that you find intriguing, then let's talk. You will join a team that passionately protects Apple users from all manner of emerging security threats. We identify threats and build tools to analyze, automate, and discover. You'll cover the gamut of what Apple offers, including iOS, iCloud, OS X, and Windows. We're looking for a talented and passionate person to join this amazing team, if you feel this is you, we'd love to hear from you.

Key Qualifications

  • Solid understanding of PKI concepts and security properties
  • Working knowledge of meaningful standards and industry working groups (RFC’s 3647, 5280, 6069, 6962; WebTrust and ETSI audits, CABF Baseline Requirements, IETF, CAB Forum)
  • Insight into the public PKI Certificate Authority (CA) industry
  • Assessing both technical and business risk to an organization
  • Technical understanding of Certificate Transparency (CT) and how it plays into the overall trust of a PKI
  • Knowledge of X.509 digital certificates, ASN.1, revocation checking technologies (OCSP, CRL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS)
  • Basic understanding of X.509 path building concepts
  • Working cross-functionally with other software, hardware, marketing, and support teams to provide the best security solutions
  • Able to communicate with stakeholders and drive consensus


Digital certificates are used in almost all of Apple's products and enable Apple to provide both better security and a better user experience. They are an integral part of security features in iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS, Apple’s Developer program, and online services like the Apple Store, iTunes and iCloud. Apple is seeking an expert Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Engineer to help Apple drive the industry to a more agile security posture while ensuring the security of our users online.

Education & Experience

BSCS or equivalent

Additional Requirements