Biomedical Data Scientist - Health Technologies

Santa Clara Valley (Cupertino), California, United States


Posted: Oct 5, 2018
Weekly Hours: 40
Role Number: 114128828
The Health Technologies Team conceives and proves out innovative and exciting technology for Apple’s future products and features in health. We are seeking a highly capable Biomedical Data Scientist to join a multi-disciplinary team to prototype and assess the feasibility of industry-defining health, wellness, and fitness sensors, systems, and applications.

Key Qualifications

  • Experience with biomedical sensors/platforms for measuring physiological signals in the health, wellness and/or fitness realms.
  • Knowledge of relevant human physiology for acquired signals.
  • Strong command of signal processing and algorithm development techniques to extract features from raw data.
  • Experience designing studies to test scientific hypotheses and business assumptions with appropriate statistical power.
  • Able to process, troubleshoot, and clean incoming data from human studies.
  • Comfortable navigating large volumes of data, applying transformations, generating novel insights, and communicating findings.
  • Strong data visualization skills.
  • Fundamentals in data analysis and machine learning, using languages such as Python, MATLAB, or R. Best practices from software development (clean code, Git) are a plus.
  • Sense of design and appreciation for user experience are plusses.


Do you love proving your work? •You will help design and execute small-scale pilot studies and large-scale sensor fusion studies to demonstrate the efficacy of our technologies. •You will then distill and interpret findings from those studies to inform sensor and algorithm specifications and to identify product opportunities that will make meaningful impact on Apple customers. •You will develop Machine Learning Models that operate on physiological data. Are you comfortable digging deep into the numbers? •You will perform feasibility assessment on small and large-scale physiological sensor data sets, utilizing elegant data visualization strategies to then prove out health and wellness features and physiological measurement applications. Can you partner closely with others to accomplish your goals? •You will solicit and incorporate guidance from a variety of teams at Apple for setting sensor specifications, design and development goals, algorithms, and data visualizations. •Your intuition and adept interpersonal skills will shine as you effectively communicate results of feasibility assessments, data visualization schemes, and the physiological relevance of measurement approaches to partner teams and Apple executives. Can you express Apple’s culture and values through your work? •You will let the customer experience guide your decision making. You will design with inclusion for all and privacy as fundamental requirements.

Education & Experience

Ph.D. (preferred) or Master’s in Biomedical Engineering, Informatics, Statistics, Sciences, Engineering, or equivalent with relevant industry experience in medical, physiological, health, wellness and/or fitness sensors, devices, and applications required. Bootcamp or Self-taught Data Science skills are welcome.

Additional Requirements

  • You will thrive in our fast-paced environment if you are highly organized and able to multitask.
  • Flexible thinking, adaptability to change and comfort with ambiguity are hallmarks of successful people on our team.
  • We look forward to witnessing your excellent communication and interpersonal skills during the interview process.
  • Apple is known for heterogeneous and cohesive teams. A proven ability to work seamlessly with others is required to acclimate quickly to our culture.
  • We highly value your analytical mind and problem-solving skills, and expect a stellar attention to detail.