Data Scientist and Visualization Manager

Santa Clara Valley (Cupertino), California, United States


Posted: Sep 5, 2018
Weekly Hours: 40
Role Number: 114202049
We are seeking an enthusiastic teammate to lead and chip in technically to our small, inclusive, dynamic, and self-motivated team as a Data Scientist and Visualization Manager. The Data Visualization (DataViz) team collaborates with many different partners within Apple to distill data into actionable and intuitive visualizations that drive informed decisions. We work to understand challenging problems that arise during all stages of product design at Apple. The job requires strong leadership skills, collaborative work, fluency using statistics and visualizations to answer specific questions about datasets, proficient programming skills in R, Python, and/or MATLAB, and a passion for creating informative visualizations and presentations to communicate results to all levels of the company. The DataViz manager will provide high level vision for the team, manage and lead talent, assist in prioritization and allocation of projects, and continue initiating and developing relationships with other teams across Apple. You will have a history to approaching problem solving with curiosity and imagination. We value people with a desire to learn new skills and a mindset that challenging questions are opportunities for insight. To that end, we are committed to professional development across all aspects of data science and visualization with mentorship and training opportunities both within and outside Apple. This includes, but is not limited to, providing team members opportunities to improve their skills in: graphic design, coding, visual arts, statistics, communication, and presentation. The DataViz team enables data-driven decision making by developing and performing analysis, modeling, and visualization of unstructured and structured data for engineering and research design teams. Our unique position within the organization allows us to assist other teams on a wide range of products designed at Apple. Our work impacts products used by millions of people worldwide.

Key Qualifications

  • 2 + years prior experience leading and running a technical team of direct reports.
  • Ability to concisely and simply communicate complex information.
  • Strong interest in peer collaboration and partnership with a willingness to solicit input and accept feedback.
  • Fluency using statistics and visualizations to answer questions about data sets.
  • Effective communication skills. Specifically, you are able to explain complex issues to a variety of audiences, think about the big picture when communicating, and can summarize technical details succinctly.
  • Strong programming skills in R, Python, and/or MATLAB. You have experience using these tools to import, clean data, analyze and visualize data to enable data-driven decision making.
  • Experience working with multivariate and/or “large” datasets using conventional statistical techniques. Our datasets are typically not large enough to require sophisticated machine learning techniques.
  • Experience analyzing and visualizing 3D data sets or enthusiastic about delving deeper into 3D data analysis and visualization. Our datasets include human anthropometric and biometric data, acoustic data, and inertial motion unit data (accelerometers, gyroscopes, altimeters).
  • Familiarity with both relational and non-relational databases such as: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, and FoundationDB.
  • Familiar with Github and software development workflows or eager to adopt these software collaboration practices.
  • An appreciation of functional design or interested in developing your design aesthetic.


As the manager, you will direct a team that is an integral partner involved in all stages of product design at Apple. You will be working on the latest, most innovative Apple products together with many different teams. The role requires both effective managerial skills and proven, hands-on experience with data science and programming. Your responsibilities will include: Providing high level vision for the direction of the team. Assisting in prioritizing projects based on impact and alignment with the team mission, and ensuring delivery of high quality work. Hiring and mentoring talented individuals that add to the team’s mission. Developing and cultivating relationships with teams across Apple. Communicating openly with team members and continuing to maintain an inclusive and safe environment that inspires creativity and collaboration. Implementing processes and solutions to improve the team's overall efficiency. You will also chip in your technical expertise towards some of the following activities: Conducting data exploration, QA/QC, visualization, statistical and data analyses, and modeling. Developing and improving upon mathematical models for analyzing the various types of datasets our we with. Creating custom visualizations that help decision makers quickly understand the underlying data. Defining data capture formats to enable useful and efficient analysis. Collaborating with teams to automate processes, conduct systems analysis, and build visualization workflows by building and deploying software tools. Sharing results and concepts across the company through presentations and other communication channels Our small team strongly inspires collaboration but also offers freedom and autonomy. Creative and outside-the-box thinking is encouraged, and original ideas are welcomed and supported by the team.

Education & Experience

Masters or PhD degree in an analytical field such as Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, Climate or Environmental Science, Applied Math, Animation, Engineering, Physics, Biological Sciences, Statistics, or Robotics along with 4+ years relevant work experience.

Additional Requirements