3D Designer / Animator, Prototyping

Santa Clara Valley (Cupertino), California, United States


Posted: Nov 12, 2018
Weekly Hours: 40
Role Number: 114367725
Prototyping is an exploratory design team. We explore what new technologies might bring to our current and future products. It is our job to invent and propose new features and sometimes entirely new products. Over the past decade we have incubated products like iPad, Pencil, and the Apple TV Siri Remote. We pioneered force and haptics for Multi-touch Trackpads, iPhone, and Apple Watch. The Prototyping team was instrumental in the design and development of the TrueDepth camera for iPhone X, Face ID, Animoji, and depth photography. We express our ideas through pictures, animation, video and code.

Key Qualifications

  • 3D Modelling: You can model and texture 3D scenes expressing interface concepts either from scratch or from assets or some combination. Everything from quick sketches to refined and polished, and everything in-between.
  • 3D Animation: You can craft short animations demonstrating an interface and interactions over time for 3-dimensional interfaces like augmented reality.
  • 2D Animation: You can build short animations demonstrating an interface and interactions over time for 2-dimensional and 2.5-dimensional apps + iOS.
  • Compositing: You can represent interactive ideas by compositing animated interfaces onto tracked industrial design models and 3D objects into video scenes.
  • Working with Data: You are able to import data from real sensors and use it to drive motion in 3-dimensional and 2-dimensional animations, working with point clouds and meshes.
  • Scripting: You use scripting to move beyond the basic capabilities of what your 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional tools provide.


We come up with novel ideas for how new technologies can improve the user experience. You should have a real passion for crafting new things and running with ideas. From quick sketching to polished pixel-perfect and everything in between, you are capable in a range of styles — beautiful interfaces, diagrams, printed material, presentations, and everything else. We strive to design actions that are discoverable, and easy to perform, with good feedback. You are interested in what goes where on screen and the details of how everything responds from touch down through touch up. Our work often goes beyond traditional patterns and elements. We use animation and code to explore our ideas further. You can express interactive concepts beyond pictures. We work with people all over Apple: interface designers, industrial designers, engineers, marketing, and executives. You should enjoy working in a studio environment and participating in individual and group critiques. A big part of what we do is sharing our work with other teams and gathering feedback. You should be confident speaking to your work in front of small and large groups.

Education & Experience

Additional Requirements