Server Side Software Engineer, Apple Media Products (SF office)

San Francisco, California, United States
Software and Services


Posted: Oct 22, 2018
Role Number: 200000858
The Apple Media Products team is looking for talented server-side engineers to build and enhance social features such as those underpinning Apple Music, the App Store, and Apple Podcasts. This is your opportunity to contribute to key Apple services, built using massively scaled systems, on a team located in San Francisco.

Key Qualifications

  • Minimum of 5 years professional software engineering experience.
  • Experience in designing, implementing, and supporting scalable and server-side APIs.
  • Experience with data modeling and distributed data stores.
  • Experience with message-based architectures using Kafka or another message broker.
  • Ability to collaborate with multi-functional teams.


Our team is responsible for architecting and delivering services central to Apple Music that allow users to interact with each other. To build these features, we create server-side applications that employ a combination of microservices, message-passing, caching layers, and distributed databases. We serve our data over cleanly designed RESTful HTTP endpoints used by multiple client platforms making a massive number of requests per second at millisecond response times. This is a great opportunity to join a small but growing team of motivated engineers, with wide responsibility and high-profile feature ownership. Whether you’re interested in architecture, data modeling, plumbing data pipelines, or designing endpoints, there are numerous possibilities for building new features from scratch and enhancing the existing infrastructure.

Education & Experience

BS or MS in Computer Science, or equivalent experience

Additional Requirements