Senior Systems Neuroscientist

Santa Clara Valley (Cupertino), California, United States


Posted: Jun 5, 2019
Role Number: 200000882
At Apple, we strive to achieve surprise and delight for every one of our millions of customers around the world. The Technology Development Team is currently looking for a neuroscientist who is passionate about the study of the brain and its application to building transformative neurotechnology. You will have a strong research background and have made original contributions to basic science through a combination of experimental and computational approaches. You thrive in designing clever experiments and carrying out deep quantitative analysis of complex datasets, with a demonstrated knack for pulling out novel insights. We are looking for a great teammate with excellent interpersonal skills, and who has a dedication to conducting impactful research in a fast-paced environment.

Key Qualifications

  • 5-10+ years designing experiments to investigate the neural correlates of perception, action, or cognition using human or animal models.
  • Deep expertise in sensory perception (i.e., mid to high level vision) as well as extensive research experience in any or all of the following: multi-sensory and sensorimotor integration, depth perception, decision making, neural coding and decoding.
  • Fluent in statistical and signal processing, linear algebra, time-frequency analysis, machine learning, and their application to multivariate neurophysiological and neuroimaging datasets.
  • Hardware and software experience with multimodal data acquisition, instrumentation, and human-machine interfaces is a plus.
  • Knowledge of perceptual/behavioral evaluations and physiological measurement is desired.
  • Fluent in numerical computing and proficient in various programming languages (e.g., C, Python, Matlab, ML and deep learning toolboxes).
  • Ability to embrace uncertainty when working on challenging research questions.
  • Excellent problem solving and creative thinking.


This is a multi-faceted investigator role that will require you to be versatile across a variety of tasks in a highly collaborative environment. You will work closely with scientists and engineers to rapidly design and carry out experiments to uncover insights that drive technology development. You will have the following responsibilities: Design and execute user studies to investigate a variety of perceptual and cognitive questions Carry out quantitative analysis of raw data to pull out meaningful and actionable insights from complex multimodal signals Work cross-functionally with other team members to translate these insights into transformative prototypes and demonstrations Conduct neuroscience literature reviews Present your findings to cross-functional partners and stakeholders.

Education & Experience

Doctorate in Systems, Cognitive or Computational Neuroscience, Biomedical Engineering, Applied Mathematics, or related expertise. 5+ years postdoctoral experience, Industry research experience a plus.

Additional Requirements