Automation & Instrumentation Engineer

Santa Clara Valley (Cupertino), California, United States


Posted: Oct 23, 2018
Role Number: 200001728
Why Apple? We live in a mobile and device driven world where knowledge of the physical world around us is needed. We rely on this knowledge to get around, to learn about our environment and to enable spectacular new features for custom applications. Apple is meeting those needs as robustly and as creatively as possible and is passionate about people who want to help meet that commitment. The success we are striving will be the result of very skilled people working in an environment which cultivates creativity, partnership, and thinking of old problems in new ways. If that sounds like the kind of environment that you find intriguing, then let's talk. ABOUT THE TOUCH TEAM The Touch Technology team develops cutting-edge Touch solutions and technologies that are central to Apple’s products, including the iPhone, iPads, AppleWatch, and more. The key goal of the Touch Technology team is to design the world’s best multi-touch user-experience. Bring devices to life and enable them to interact with users and the environment in ways never imagined before. Join us in developing solutions the world doesn't know of yet. The team features a collaborative and hands-on environment that fosters engineering excellence, creativity, and innovation.

Key Qualifications

  • MS or PhD in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science
  • 5+ years of relevant experience in FW development and embedded systems
  • Experience in debugging system-level software
  • Hands-on skills such as statistics and data analysis such as SpotFire or JMP
  • Strong programming skills in C/C++ and Java
  • Sound scripting skills in Python, Tcl, and/or Perl.
  • Experience in creating GUI and SW tools development
  • Proficient in communication protocols such as SPI, I2C, MIPI Bluetooth, UART, Ethernet, USB, Zigbee, etc.


MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS - Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science. - 3+ years of relevant experience in FW and embedded systems - Experience in HW bring-up and hands-on SW debug - Strong engineering fundamentals, and understanding of semiconductors and sensors - Excellent written and verbal communication skills - A committed individual with solid teamwork skills CORE RESPONSIBILITIES AND JOB DESCRIPTION - Develop automation code and scripts for ultra-high accuracy, state of the art robots - Design and implement SW to interface with next generation mobile devices. collect Touch data, parse, process, visualize and analyze the logs - Architect solutions from scheduled, automatic data retrieval all the way to whole build data analysis. - Author reports of key results and checkpoints to help guide the design of the sensor, chipset, FW and algorithms - Contribute to designing robots, fixtures, cradles and various HW. Design must meet very stringent GRR and P/T requirements - Support other engineers and designers in the development and implementation of validating and verifying mobile devices prototypes. - Engage and collaborate with cross-functional teams, including EE, Firmware, HID, DV and mechanical design to deliver cutting edge solutions

Education & Experience

Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science, minimum MS or PhD in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science is a plus

Additional Requirements