Computer Vision/ Machine Learning Engineer

Santa Clara Valley (Cupertino), California, United States


Role Number:200001855
The computer vision/machine learning engineer will apply his/her expertise in algorithm development, quantitative analysis, analytics, and failure analysis. We partner with research teams to tackle problems and identify trends and opportunities. Key responsibilities will involve developing algorithms, failure analysis, visualizations for machine learning systems.

Key Qualifications

  • 3-4+ years experience in machine learning, large scale data processing/analytics
  • Solid programming skills with Python and C/C++
  • Deep understand of deep learning algorithms and workflows, in particular working with large scale visual data
  • Background in algorithms development for mining patterns from large scale visual data
  • Understand algorithm needs and development of infrastructure to enable fast iterations
  • Understand key metrics that impact machine learning algorithms
  • Agile integration of deep learning, data collection and failure analysis
  • Designing and evaluating experiments monitoring key performance measures
  • Visualization and deeper understanding of deep learning networks
  • Ability to communicate the results of analyses in a clear and effective manner


The video engineering group is looking for a Computer Vision/Machine Learning Engineer. The position requires software engineering & design experience as well as understanding of hardware and deep learning algorithms. In this position, you will work together with algorithm engineers on developing software and tools for the next generation of Apple products. The main tasks associated to this position range from algorithm design and implementation, to integration, optimization and benchmarking with an emphasis on performance and power. We work closely with hardware teams as well as driver/firmware teams to build our software stack for state of the art machine learning and computer vision algorithms.

Education & Experience

PhD or Master in computer science, machine learning, deep learning or computer vision.

Additional Requirements