Senior Software Engineer - Maps Service Infrastructure,

Santa Clara Valley (Cupertino), California, United States
Software and Services


Posted: Mar 29, 2019
Role Number: 200003915
The Maps team is preparing the next wave of features that bring to bear its internally sourced maps. We are looking for an engineer to help develop data flows that minimize delay between content creation and user consumption. The tiles are the first thing users see when they open Maps, and we want to ensure they always have the best information immediately available.

Key Qualifications

  • You have experience crafting, building, and maintaining full-stack, large-scale applications.
  • You are proficient with Git.
  • You are familiar with networking systems, load balancers, and CDNs.
  • Background with the JVM and related languages.
  • You are industriousness and a willingness to experiment with many solutions.
  • You possess strong familiarity with at least one database technology.
  • General knowledge of NoSQL and RDBMS, with their various pros and cons.
  • Ability to explain ideas, and technically analyze strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions.


When data changes we need to make it available to our users, whether internal or customers. Doing this fast and deftly requires using databases distributed over many data centers, and solving the various consistency and reliability problems that come up. You'll work with other engineers in choosing technologies that best fit the problem. Together, you'll build applications and tools that drive the data flow and give insight into the overall system state and health.

Education & Experience

Technical BS/MS/PhD or meaningful industry experience.

Additional Requirements

  • Exposure to these environments preferred:
  • Java, Scala, Kotlin, Docker, Hadoop, Kafka, JVM, Platform Engineer, NoSQL, Infrastructure, Data Builds, Pipelines, Full-Stack