Siri - Engineering Program Manager, Siri Marketing Production & Social Media Analyst

Santa Clara Valley (Cupertino), California, United States
Machine Learning and AI


Posted: Sep 5, 2019
Weekly Hours: 40
Role Number: 200007603
The Siri team is looking for an organized, analytical, and driven program manager to own technical product marketing efforts and provide reporting and analysis about AI/ML products in social media. The role will lead Siri engineering, test, operational, and editorial support to ensure the success of Apple Marketing campaigns, press events, product announcements and launches, and rapid-response efforts to breaking news, viral events, and executive escalations. They will also drive efforts to ensure outbound product communication resources such as Retail and AppleCare are current and accurate. This candidate will also actively develop and lead a program to proactively monitor what the world is saying about Siri through social media, news, and other sources; then provide product escalation and guidance to stakeholders and leadership to help the organization understand where Siri can continue to grow and improve as well as building the most positive customer impact.

Key Qualifications

  • Cross-functional leadership: Experience coordinating rapid and large-scale efforts across a variety of cross-functional teams, including engineering, test, design, marketing, and program management. Seen as a natural leader and comfortable providing decisive tactical direction in unknown and deadline-driven scenarios; can demonstrate a strong history of making successful judgment calls regarding the severity of issues and escalation.
  • Ongoing ownership: Owned a complete end-to-end process with continuous customer-facing deliverables that required coordination between multiple teams. Able to maintain the day-to-day requirements of running a complex program with multiple pipelines while simultaneously working on efforts to make the process more effective and efficient.
  • International product experience: Worked directly on a global (multi-lingual) customer-facing product, especially software, hardware, media services, or a similar industry.
  • Analysis to action: Experience analyzing and acting on large data sets, crafting clear summaries, and effectively presenting conclusions and escalations in both written and verbal form. Able to “see the story” in complex & subjective information; with a successful track record of turning both quantifiable and qualifiable customer data into actionable next steps and solutions.
  • Program-building: Been in a key leadership role while rapidly building a new program involving selecting and managing third-party vendor relationships. Can provide examples of aggressive and successful process-building while balancing autonomous action with ensuring stakeholder requirements are met.


- Own Siri's cross-functional technical and operational readiness for press events, product launches, and product announcements like WWDC. Coordinate with Product Marketing, the Software Program Office, and New Product Security on requirements and deadlines, then create and execute readiness plans with Siri engineering, test, editorial, and operations to ensure that the products and features are ready for showtime. - Work with Apple Product Marketing & Marketing Communications teams to ensure the success of continuous outbound marketing campaigns by creating feature technical briefs, validating specific user experiences across multiple international software and hardware scenarios, and generally ensuring that the Siri functionality is fully-tested and well-represented for customer-facing efforts. - Use your product knowledge and work with feature teams to provide guidance when necessary. Ensure external-facing information and user education resources such as Apple Support Communities and Retail teams are updated to address relevant user understanding and concerns. Provide consolidated user feedback as guidance to product teams. - Work cross-functionally with the Siri editorial staff, engineering, QA, and operations to drive rapid-response solutions to Siri issues that are going viral or otherwise externally escalating, help teams plan a more permanent solution (if necessary), and then monitor and report on the actions and outcomes. Handle explicit internal escalations from PR, Marketing, and executives. - Create a program to understand the world zeitgeist sentiment of Siri; starting with the discovery of trending issues for escalation and resolution. Work to expand the program to design and deliver reports on user sentiment to Siri leadership and product teams from regular weekly summaries to deep-dive analysis around specific topics or events. This includes identifying third-party vendor support, specifying which topics and sources to monitor, selecting and using tools and dashboards to create a pipeline to refine and analyze data, and managing the ongoing vendor relationship as requirements evolve.

Education & Experience

Bachelor’s degree in a related field. Masters degree preferred. Communications or CS degree a plus.

Additional Requirements

  • Product management: Able to find strategic opportunities for improvement and know what positive wins to call out. Able to show excellent judgment regarding communication; both what and to whom. Clear ability to successfully influence a variety of stakeholders (engineering, design, marketing, editorial) in both written and verbal formats. Have worked on a customer-facing digital product or service.
  • Sentiment understanding: Strong familiarity with social media, news media, and other sources of product feedback about tech products. Would be able to manually create an executive-level summary about current user sentiment about Siri products.