ISP Tuning Engineer - Platform Architecture

Santa Clara Valley (Cupertino), California, United States


Posted: Nov 6, 2018
Role Number: 200008894
Do you love crafting elegant solutions to highly complex challenges? Are you a big-picture visionary who understands how each element affects all the others? At Apple, our Platform Architecture group is responsible for connecting our hardware and software into one unified system. Join this team, and you’ll collaborate with engineers across Apple to design how all of our technologies work in unison. You’ll drive development of our renowned system-on-a-chip architecture and develop algorithms for platform power, performance, and thermal management. You’ll develop forward-looking prototype systems as well as build and deploy software development tools that will be distributed to the Apple engineering community. Join this team, and you’ll help build the seamless technology experiences we’re known for worldwide. In this role, you will optimize the use of and improve the HW for the next generation of digital image processing, particularly related to consumer photography. Work to get the most from new processing techniques, deliver cutting edge image quality, evaluate and debug new approaches, and develop optimal ways to program our new hardware so our software teams work from a good starting place. Devise ways to dial-in existing hardware for good performance.

Key Qualifications

  • Understanding of each stage of a camera image processing pipeline including auto exposure, auto white-balance, autofocus, demosaic, scaling, noise reduction, etc.
  • Machine vision and computational photography experience would be useful
  • Knowledge of image noise models, local tone mapping, multi-image fusion and color calibration
  • Passion for developing the best imaging system possible and getting the most from existing systems
  • Good Matlab
  • Good C programming
  • Some background in objective image quality measurement and subjective image quality psychophysics is desired
  • Some knowledge of human visual system is preferred
  • Optics background is useful


- Work with the Image Signal Processor architects to demonstrate what the newest hardware designs can do. - Work with early software models to acquire knowledge of how to optimally set all the control knobs to obtain consistently great images. - Develop a testing plan to prove that the architecture can produce high quality results. - Assist the firmware and camera teams with debugging and working around system problems. - Work with the power team to understand and improve the setup and use cases to enable the best image quality within our power budget. - Work with the image quality and software teams to understand their requirements and feed information back to the architects to improve the designs.

Education & Experience

BS in CS, Engineering Human Vision, Psychology (perception) a huge plus.

Additional Requirements