RFIC Design Engineer

San Diego, California, United States


Posted: Nov 8, 2018
Weekly Hours: 40
Role Number: 200009486
In this highly visible role, you will be at the center of a silicon design group with a critical impact on getting functional products to hundreds of millions of customers quickly.

Key Qualifications

  • The ideal candidate will have 7+ years of RF/analog and mixed-signal design experience, with 4+ years in cutting-edge RF CMOS design.
  • Direct experience designing and bringing into high volume production ZIF RF transceivers in deep sub-micron RFCMOS technology. This includes design of on-chip LNAs and PAs, PLL/VCO/LO blocks, up-conversion/down-conversion mixers, baseband filters, data converters and calibration methods associated with such high performance wireless systems and ZIF designs. Experience should also include understanding of DFT and DFM techniques for high volume production environment.
  • Extensive knowledge of all or many of the following fields:
  • Deep understanding in system specification and able to work with system architects to translate system requirement into circuit requirement at IC level; Requires strong understanding of impact of modulation type to radio architecture and requirements.
  • Familiar with various RF transceiver architectures and their trade-offs; Demonstrate the capability to work with digital design group for an optimum partition between digital and analog domain;
  • Deep understanding of fundamentals of RF CMOS implementation, and basic building blocks, including LNAs, mixers, VCOs and DCOs, LO and PAs;
  • Deep understanding of RF device modeling, including but not limited to device noise parameters, inductor modeling. Insights into packaging effects, supply isolation, high frequency ESD structures, and circuit layout techniques for optimum RF performance;
  • Requires strong knowledge of desense and able to work closely with board RF/HW/Antenna teams to optimize board/module layouts for desense mitigation. Also, has experience with desense mitigation with integrated PMUs/DSPs (i.e. substrate isolation, return loops, package isolation, frequency planning, etc).
  • Familiar with mix signal mode verification methodology (SystemVerilog, AMS, Nanotime)
  • Familiar with EM tools (EMX, HFSS)
  • Extensive experience in Si characterization and debug


As an RFIC designer, you will responsible for designing RFIC blocks/sub-systems for wireless SoC (in wireless standards such as cellular 4G/5G/mmW, WiFi/BT, etc.). Responsibilities include:  Work with RF and PHY systems teams to partition system requirements and optimize RF and baseband circuit performance, power, and area.  Develop novel RFIC circuits and architectures, taking designs from concept all the way to production.  Work with digital integration/verification teams to model and verify top-level radio functionality and performance during pre-silicon phase.  Work with SiPi and packaging teams to predict/simulate RF de-sense and coupling mechanisms at chip-level and board level using EM tools  Perform detailed bring-up and characterization of radio blocks at IP level. Support system level integration and characterization of radio performance.  Participate in RFIC/analog design reviews across Apple wireless groups

Education & Experience

BSEE is required. MSEE/Ph. D is preferred

Additional Requirements