Siri iOS CarPlay Engineer

Seattle, Washington, United States
Machine Learning and AI


Weekly Hours: 40
Role Number:200013218
Join the growing Siri Client team in our new Seattle office and help build new ways to use Siri in the Car. CarPlay is one of Siri’s fastest growing platforms, shipping over 500 car models. You will be working closely with the Siri and CarPlay teams in Cupertino to create new iOS platform features that drive (pun intended) the Siri experience. Our team is passionate about helping users unlock the power of their phone safely, while they are in their car. We tailor the most important Siri experiences to work seamlessly. Having access to the latest hardware and software features means there is always something innovative to work on. You will collaborate with the software, hardware, and design teams at Apple to build new experiences. You will also be working with data, QA, and research teams to understand how well Siri is working and where we can help users even more! Do you have ideas on how Siri can be more useful in the car? Join our team and get your creative ideas on our roadmap! Come work with some of the most passionate engineers and designers in the world, and be part of the Siri family at Apple.

Key Qualifications

  • You have iOS App Development experience, and have shipped mobile Apps
  • You are a full-stack fanatic— comfortable debugging, coding, and testing end-to-end.
  • You have excellent communication skills, and thrive in a collaborative team environment.
  • You have expertise in large scale object-oriented design, performance optimization, and multi-threading on mobile platforms.
  • You are a generalist who is comfortable exploring unfamiliar technical areas.


- Your primary responsibilities will be to build features in the Siri iOS frameworks. - You will collaborate with software teams that work on CarPlay, Audio, UI, Machine Learning, and others to incorporate the latest technologies. - You will create code that is performant, architected for the future, and built for testing. - You will study data to understand how well things are working and where we can improve. - You will debug and instrument at all layers; you will likely even find and fix bugs in other frameworks! - You will do all of this in the most challenging and exciting environments possible. - You are changing parts of the world’s most advanced OS every day, while every other part of the OS, SDK (and sometimes the IDE) are changing too. - You will succeed because you care about getting things right and creating delightful experiences for the user — experiences that were not possible before. We do this on devices that you, and millions of others, trust to be the most helpful and beautiful devices in their lives. - You will be part of a forward-thinking and passionate team who care about the same things, and always help make each other successful. You might be the person we are looking for if: - You enjoy spending hours digging in to understand why something works the way it does, so you can be the best equipped to make it better. - You don’t notice what language the code is in that you are working on. When you touch code, you leave it cleaner, easier to test, and more robust than before. Your code is designed well for the future, while remaining clean and easy to understand. - You often spend more time writing a good test than you did writing the code, even if it means you get to invent a new way to test. - You thrive in fast paced environments where there may be ambiguity; you are willing to listen and learn, ask for what you need, and help others.

Education & Experience

BS/MS in Computer Science or equivalent and 5+ years of industry experience

Additional Requirements