Power & Sensing ASIC DSP System Architect

Santa Clara Valley (Cupertino), California, United States


Role Number:200015975
This is an excellent opportunity to work on the forefront of new and exciting wireless power technologies with the exemplary company consistently bringing innovations in the industry. In this position, you will be part of a team developing innovative concepts, and key mixed-signal ICs that are implemented in products used by many millions of people. The position primarily involves architecture of digital sub systems and key ICs with DSP functions for Apple’s next generation wireless power technology spanning across almost all Apple products including both wireless power transmitters (Tx) and wireless power receivers (Rx). This is a unique opportunity for “out of the box thinker” who can enable innovative technologies and superior integrations for next generation wireless power systems in Apple products. New challenges arise everyday that require the sharp problem-solving skills of talented and smart individuals. The team features a collaborative and hands-on environment that fosters engineering excellence, creativity, and innovation.

Key Qualifications

  • ➢ Hands-on experience in design, development and launch of high volume IC designs in consumer products.
  • ➢ Strong electrical engineering background in digital signal processing, MCU or ARM architecture, digital filter design, mixed-signal design, and embedded system design.
  • ➢ Hands-on experience in system-level design and IC micro-architecture definition of complex digital and mixed-signal ASICS including requirements for ARM micro-architecture, memory sub-systems, DSP sub-system, state machines, reset, clocking schemes, I/O and peripheral interfaces
  • ➢ Proficiency in MATLAB, Verilog, or similar simulation, design and modeling tools.
  • ➢ Experience in DSP algorithms and design in stand alone microprocessors, FPGA or integrated in ASIC’s
  • ➢ Demonstrated experience in modeling complex cross-disciplinary systems
  • ➢ Expertise with C/C++ or Python, and code optimization for embedded system is a plus.
  • ➢ Experience with power electronics including DC-DC, AC-DC, or DC-AC converters is a plus.
  • ➢ Good understanding of thermals, mechanical and packaging challenges. Must possess knowledge of high volume manufacturing technologies and production variance is a plus
  • ➢ Must be familiar with challenges of mixed-signal IC design, know the complete methodology of mixed-signal IC from a concept to a product, and possess knowledge and experience with both analog and digital design with an emphasis on digital.
  • ➢ Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills, solid teamwork, and leadership skills.
  • ➢ Must have strong analytical/problem solving skills and ability to guide critical decisions
  • ➢ Must be highly motivated, self-starter with innovation, integrity and attention to details.
  • ➢ Ability to work well with cross-functional teams and in a fast paced innovative work environment is extremely important
  • ➢ Must be willing to travel domestically and overseas as needed


As a Digital and DSP Silicon Architect, you will be driving innovative architecture /technology concepts, system level partitioning and define digital ICs from investigation, analysis and design through successful product level implementation. 1) Core architecture and technology investigation by arbitrating various options with technical rigor for key power metric performance optimization including but not limited to performance, power consumption, silicon and board area, cost and scalability. 2) Be a key member for Apple’s core architecture team for new product ideas and system level partitioning, integrations and product definitions. 3) Develop high performance, low power signal processing architectures and algorithms to achieve the best power management solutions. 4) System-level design and IC micro-architecture definition of complex digital and mixed-signal ASICs including requirements for: a. ARM micro-architecture, memory sub-systems, DSP sub-system, state machines, reset, clocking schemes, I/O and peripheral interfaces. b. Define common digital platform architecture framework including design methodology and best practices to be used as a reference for architecture team. 5) Cross-disciplinary design optimization, hardware/software design partitioning, trade-off assessments, design checking and tolerance analysis. 6) Author detailed specifications, analyses, and characterization plans for wireless power custom silicons. 7) Concept verification and validation with simulations and prototype design such as FPGA emulation system, lead pre-silicon system validation, prototype bring-up, debug, validation, characterization, and post-silicon module integration support. 8) Perform rigorous design reviews with silicon vendors. Drive vendors to get the highest quality of products in a very challenging schedule. 9) Provide design simulation, calculation and analytical models for prediction of design concept outcome including firmware processing speed and code space analysis, digital-signal processing end-to-end performance analysis, etc. 10) Drive/develop advanced algorithms to ensure module performance by working closely with firmware and other cross-functional teams. 11) Provide prototypes test and validation results, document multi-dimensional activities. Hands-on work in lab is must. 12) Provide smooth hand-off of new architecture to execution team with design analysis, risk assessments, mitigation plans, development lessons learned and proof of concepts. 13) Perform competitive bench marking. 14) Provide technical support for production issues debug and resolutions. 15) Drive bug root cause analysis and resolution, including diligent bug database tracking. 16) Engage and collaborate with cross-functional teams, including silicon engineering, system engineering, product design, firmware engineering, test engineering, program management and process engineering, to deliver state-of-the-art wireless power solutions. 17) Author presentations that communicate program status, technical issues, risks, and mitigations plans, clearly and concisely. 18) Contribute technical assessments to strategic decision-making relating to technology and investments. 19) Conduct seminars and training for cross-functional teams. 20) Spearhead innovation through exemplary behavior and teamwork.

Education & Experience

➢ MS in EE or CS with 10+ years or Ph.D. in EE or CS with 5+ years of relevant experience in digital and mixed-signal IC design is must

Additional Requirements