Experience Insights Manager

Los Angeles, California, United States


Posted: Dec 3, 2018
Role Number: 200016361
Are you mission-driven, evidence-minded and voraciously curious? Seeking a creative social scientist to conduct investigations with youth, families, and young adults.

Key Qualifications

  • 10+ years of demonstrated success in insights and analytics
  • Highly analytical, intellectually curious with consistent track record in quantitative and qualitative research design, execution and analysis
  • Experience with both primary and syndicated data analysis
  • Deep expertise with application of a range of research techniques including user experience interviews, ethnography, and survey design
  • Strong interviewing and moderating skills
  • Excellent communication, visualization and articulation skills to deliver meaningful insights to shape creative decisions
  • Knowledge of the education, media, and retail marketplace
  • Ability to lead and implement in-depth thought leadership studies as well as quick turn around, iterative prototype tests
  • Adept at managing vendors and budgets, as well as hands-on execution of studies from design to delivery
  • A self-starter who works well in a fast-paced, brainy, creative, dynamic environment
  • Strong record of academic achievement.


This position is responsible for analyzing syndicated data and conducting qualitative and quantitative research. The role will also publish ongoing reports. You understand innovative research methodologies, are an authority in analytics and data science and have extensive experience translating data into insights. You have hands-on experience analyzing primary and secondary research, developing compelling presentations, and inspiring partners. You will be responsible for developing investigation plans, identifying creative opportunities, and synthesizing from disparate sources to provide a holistic view of audiences and their lives. Responsibilities: Develop a research and analytics program that delivers deep insights into users’ needs, motivations and behaviors Bring an innovative mindset to the design and execution of research and develop and deliver reports to creative executives and business partners Create monthly, quarterly and annual reports to inspire fresh thinking and creative ideas

Education & Experience

Graduate degree in social sciences or equivalent experience.

Additional Requirements