Reliability Lab Technician - Soft Goods

Santa Clara Valley (Cupertino), California, United States


Posted: Nov 30, 2018
Weekly Hours: 40
Role Number: 200017238
Come join a dedicated team of Reliability Engineering Technicians who use our combined skills and expertise to ensure Apple's current and future products are of the highest standard of reliability and quality for our customers. As a Soft Goods Reliability Lab Technician, you will bring your imaginative, practical and collaborative skills and experiences to support research of Reliability Engineers by conducting experiments that will include set up of test equipment, assembling test fixtures, test design, test data collection, user study design and operation, and analysis reporting. You will be a key member of a team solving interesting technical challenges of Apple’s products and modules.

Key Qualifications

  • Knowledge of hand tools and measurement equipment such as digital multimeters, calipers, micrometers and scales
  • Adept at using creative and innovative thinking to solve problems
  • Skilled in test operation, problem solving and data analysis.
  • Able to effectively collaborate within a team and work independently
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Passion to provide accurate data with a strong attention to detail
  • Ability to complete assigned work requests and manage multiple deadlines
  • Capable of operating and troubleshooting mechanical and electronic equipment in a lab environment
  • Self starter, able to learn where to find information and resources
  • Knowledge of sensors such as thermocouples, strain gauges and accelerometers is a plus
  • Experience with photography and high-speed video equipment is a plus
  • Prior experience with soft goods materials or the industry is a plus
  • Experience using macOS and iOS is a plus


Soft Goods Reliability Lab Technicians are responsible for performing tests and documenting results in our secured test labs. Test results may be reviewed at an executive level and have an impact on the final design of future products. The test lab is a dynamic, hands-on work environment where technicians are expected to be self-motivated and able to handle multiple assignments with frequently changing priorities. Some of the tests may be repetitive in nature, but reliable and consistent data reporting is required to ensure product integrity. Applicants should have at least a conceptual understanding of one or more technical fields such as physics, material science, chemistry and electronics and be able to utilize creativity, common sense, and technical skills to solve complex problems. It is helpful to have an understanding of the reliability process and common testing practices. Technicians will need to scrutinize each test setup and test procedure, then give their feedback or suggestions for improvements. You should exhibit clear and concise oral and written communication skills and the ability to present data in a clean format. Knowledge of Apple hardware and software, and a real passion for the brand are highly desirable.

Education & Experience

AA degree in electronics, chemistry, physics, engineering or relevant career experience is preferred.

Additional Requirements