Xcode & Swift Package Manager Engineer

Santa Clara Valley (Cupertino), California, United States
Software and Services


Posted: Jan 12, 2019
Weekly Hours: 40
Role Number: 200027102
Do you want to improve developer tools used by millions of people? We work on the core technology in Xcode that empowers developers to build great software, fast. Our team contributes to both Xcode and to the open source Swift Package Manager as we develop new and powerful ways to configure and share code. As Xcode engineers we have a huge impact, directly supporting the creation of both Apple's products and of apps built by developers around the world.

Key Qualifications

  • Strong technical and interpersonal leadership
  • Able to apply insights from other package managers and build systems
  • Must have courage to try new ideas and progress the state of the art
  • Open-minded, consensus-building attitude
  • Can successfully collaborate with Apple engineers and the Swift community
  • Forward-looking, user-focused decision-making
  • Will have high productivity writing clear and maintainable Swift code
  • Commitment to consistently advance testing practices & quality initiatives


As engineers on the Xcode team we use our own developer tools every day. Our team has a wide range of backgrounds and experience, but a shared passion for making better tools for developers. We'll support your continued growth, and you'll get to work with the engineers who create Apple's technology, from languages and compilers to debuggers and design tools to the operating systems and apps that power our products. On our team you'll reimagine what developer tools can do. Your focus will be on developing core build technologies for Xcode and the Swift Package Manager. The Swift Package Manager is an innovative tool for easily creating, sharing, and managing dependencies on libraries and tools in the Swift ecosystem. We will work together to reinvent the experience of sharing code for Apple's entire developer community. And you will have the opportunity to inspire changes across our developer tools, with a particular focus on the ease of creating and configuring software. You'll be most successful here as a driven and self-motivated engineer who thrives in a supportive, respectful, and balanced work environment with interesting and challenging problems to tackle. You have excellent judgement and integrity with the ability to make timely and sound decisions. You'll do your best work as you collaborate with your team to design and architect software, dive deep into the analysis of difficult engineering problems, write code with quality that you can be proud of, and realize your passion to have a positive impact on developers' lives.

Education & Experience

BS in Computer Science or equivalent experience.

Additional Requirements

  • If possible, please provide an example of your work, such as a personal project or open source contribution.