Camera Image & Video Quality Engineer

Santa Clara Valley (Cupertino), California, United States
Software and Services


Weekly Hours: 40
Role Number:200058554
iPhone is the most popular camera in the world for a reason, and we're looking for employees to make it even better. Our team is looking for someone with a true passion for photography & videography, and has the drive necessary to ship amazing product experiences to millions of people. The Image Quality Qualification team at Apple is searching for a highly skilled and innovative engineer who will play a key role in driving photo & video image quality, as well as their functionality & behavior. Your role will shape the future of Apple's cameras.

Key Qualifications

  • You are experienced in testing, evaluating, and validating commercial camera systems
  • You have experience in, or an understanding of, the methodology used in objective and subjective camera image quality benchmarking and analysis
  • You have an excellent sense of photography and videography/cinematography (understanding on a technical & artistic level as to what makes a good photograph "good", and a good video "good")
  • You've acquired a deep understanding of digital photography, camera image processing technologies, and aspects of computational photography
  • You understand conventional camera pipelines & operations and why they are necessary: 3A, sharpening, denoising, HDR & image fusion concepts, compression & video coding, etc.
  • You're experienced in evaluating cameras both in lab environments and in real world conditions
  • You're knowledgeable of how different aspects of light & illuminants play into image quality
  • You focus on details and possess strong debugging & analytical skills
  • You have excellent written and verbal communication skills, and can work collaboratively with a team and others cross-functionality
  • You can deliver outstanding results under times of intense levels of deadlines and heavy workload


Our products have a considerable complexity and rich feature set that push our hardware and software to the edge. We are looking for a great teammate who is dedicated to understanding, building, and enabling cutting-edge camera features. This role requires an understanding of different camera pipeline components and their impact on image and video quality, a clear vision of what constitutes a phenomenal camera, and a strong dedication to drive features into better camera user experience. You will contribute directly to a variety of camera technologies, such as Portrait mode, new video features, new photo capture methodologies, etc. You will participate in quality evaluations for new features and algorithms, through experimental studies both in-lab and in the field, and provide direct feedback to the engineering teams. In this role you'll be a critical part of a fast-paced, collaborative team and who thrive in a high energy, time-constrained, multitasking environment to significantly impact our image/video quality.

Education & Experience

Bachelors or Masters Degree in one or more of the following fields: Image Science, Photographic & Motion-Picture/Video Sciences & Engineering, Color Science, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or equivalent educational experience in fundamental imaging technologies.

Additional Requirements

  • Though not required, we hope you possess...
  • -  Experience in working on mobile cameras and a real passion for phone photography/videography
  • -  Fundamentals of color science, as it relates to image & video quality, and understanding the core concepts of digital color management
  • -  Prior experience with traditional film photography and/or a technical understanding of display technologies
  • -  Understanding the fundamentals of the Human Visual System and how it impacts our perception of photos and videos in relation to the real world
  • -  Experience with Psychophysics and conducting Psychophysics experiments as it relates to image quality
  • -  Understanding of the fundamentals of radiometry as it relates visible spectrum imaging
  • -  Experience in video evaluation and understanding of video specific intricacies as related to compression/video coding
  • -  Experience in commercial video camera systems and an understanding of the complex intricacies involved in high quality videography