Materials Engineer - Coatings / Finishing

Santa Clara Valley (Cupertino), California, United States


Posted: Aug 16, 2019
Weekly Hours: 40
Role Number: 200060473
We are seeking an enthusiastic leader to drive material development in the areas of leather engineering and development, performance coatings, polymer composites and sustainability. The position requires you to drive strategic next generation materials, engage in hands-on project-based work, and establish key material supplier relationships with the sharp focus on process and material sustainability. We encourage anyone who is passionate about sustainability and the environment, building relationships, developing top technical talent, and approaching problem solving with curiosity and imagination to apply. We value people with a desire to learn new skills and a mindset that challenging questions are opportunities for insight. To that end, we are committed to professional development across all aspects of materials and communication, with mentorship and training opportunities both within and outside Apple. Why Apple? At Apple we believe our products begin with our people. By hiring a diverse team we drive creative thought. By giving that team everything they need we drive innovation. By hiring incredible engineers we drive precision. And through our collaborative process we create memorable experiences for our customers. These elements come together to make Apple an amazing environment for motivated people to do the greatest work of their lives.

Key Qualifications

  • In-depth understanding of material structure, chemistry and property/performance relationship
  • Expertise in performance coatings and material surface finishing
  • Experience in working with leather engineering and development
  • Strong background in characterizing and specifying materials and performance in quantitative terms
  • New sustainable technology/material scoping, including evaluation of supplier capabilities towards developing sustainable materials
  • Experience developing materials for high volume manufacturing
  • Proven track record in peer collaboration and teamwork
  • Comfort working both independently and collaboratively on tight deadlines in a supportive environment
  • Strong attention to detail and resolution to tackle complex problems


• As a Materials Engineer you will establish and cultivate relationships with manufacturers/suppliers to identify emerging technologies. Collaborate with them on the development of new technologies to meet Apple’s product roadmap needs • You will develop strategic initiative for impactful sustainable material solutions. Collaborate with partner industries and companies to explore development of next generation materials • Collaborate with product design and manufacturing operations groups on material selection, design feasibility and manufacturing process development

Education & Experience

MS or PhD in Chemical Engineering or Polymer/Materials Science or related.

Additional Requirements