iPhone Hardware System Engineer - System Technologies - PI SI Engineering

Santa Clara Valley (Cupertino), California, United States


Weekly Hours: 40
Role Number: 200062701
The iPhone Division is seeking a hardworking electrical engineer for the System Hardware Engineering Team. You will work with HW multi-functional teams to perform in-depth design modeling and simulation of complex electrical effects in iPhone systems.

Key Qualifications

  • Great EE fundamentals and problem solving ability
  • Deep experience and knowledge in power integrity, power delivery network design and analysis for PCB, PMIC, and SOC subsystems
  • Strong fundamentals in electromagnetic, analog circuits, and RF/MW theory & Technology
  • Experience and knowledge in EM modeling, EMI interferences, and designs
  • Deep knowledge in signal integrity design and simulation
  • Proven engineering passion, initiative, innovation, and creativity
  • Hands-on experience in hardware board-level testing and measurements, lab equipment, hardware debugging, and with software debugging tools
  • Tools: Circuit Simulators (Spice/Spectre), Ansoft/CST, Cadence/Sigrity, scripting languages (Python, Perl, PHP, Ruby, Shell, etc.)


Modeling, simulation, and characterization of system power delivery network and analog circuits that include PCB, PMU, SOC, and Sub-Systems. Perform 2D/3D EM field modeling and simulation for system level desense, co-existence, and interferences between functional blocks, in both time-domain and frequency domain. Simulation and analysis of system high-speed circuits for signal integrity, noise coupling and interferences. Perform design feasibility study, design testing and verification, and system bring up. Provide design guideline and feedback to HW design teams. Support board layout and product bring up, debug, and validation.

Education & Experience


Additional Requirements