Siri Client - Senior Build and Integration Manager

Santa Clara Valley (Cupertino), California, United States
Machine Learning and AI


Weekly Hours: 40
Role Number: 200067802
Help play a key leadership role in the development of Siri on the world’s most advanced platforms, and have an impact on what Siri and Apple can achieve to surprise and delight the billion Apple users around the world! The Siri Client Org needs an expert manager who will provide technical direction for a large number of engineers, design QA and engineering integration, and work with Siri teams around the world and Apple development teams. You will build out a team to take our leading edge development and submission process into the next phase with tighter QA and automation integration to allow us to develop more effectively. You will drive requirements will partner teams at Siri and at Apple. Our Client org has grown to support more platforms than ever, We have a large organization of engineers working on dozens of projects. Siri Client has has built an incredible worldwide testing system with other teams around the world who test to ensure we are landing robustly tested code (for over 20 projects and growing). Other teams come to us to join our processes. We are on the groundbreaking of using Apple's infrastructure to build, test, and submit our projects along with dozens of interdependent projects. We've established new ways to work with QA in the past years, and are positioned to work more closely with QA than ever to integrate their latest testing practices into our development practices. The QA and client teams have built out infrastructure to run automated end-to-end tests on iOS, CarPlay, AppleTV, Apple Watch, and HomePod. We have just begun the work of integrating them into the client development process.

Key Qualifications

  • You are the kind of leader who is passionate about making Siri development more data driven and nimble which will have a positive impact across Siri and all of Apple.
  • You are excited by the challenge of a CI and testing pipeline that involves building part of the worlds most advanced OS, with interdependent frameworks that change daily, and adopting Apple’s most modern infrastructure to test continuously and at scale on dozens of different devices.
  • You are passionate about ushering in a new era of collaborating with Siri’s worldwide QA teams, and crafting systems that will allow our development teams to engage with them more tightly and effectively than ever before.
  • You understand that the success of the Siri organization and Apple is very dependent on smooth development and testing practices, and that giving the client org new tools, practices, and guidance will help all of Apple spend less time finding bugs and more time writing proven features that will delight the hundreds of millions of Apple devices around the world.


As Senior Build & Integration manager for the entire client org, you will lead efforts to work with parallel teams in QA to support our on-the-go and home test integrations. You will work with QA to design new ways to use Xcode’s XCTests to run automated tests, and design a system where engineers and QA can both contribute to and own the same suites of tests. You will also create ways to measure and monitor our testing coverage on client code, and develop new integrations into our development and continuous integration pipelines to run tests where they can have the most impact. Responsibilities include: - Lead efforts to collaborate with other teams at Apple to improve processes and tools to work better for our team, QA, and all developers around the world who have Siri integration in their Apps. - Drive requirements for the Apple Dev Tools (Xcode) and Apple Test Platform and Build teams. Siri Client has been a leader across Apple in establishing processes that work with and improve on Apple’s infrastructure. - Design and develop tools to help developers spend less time reviewing and chasing issues, and more towards understanding top priorities, and how balanced the code is. - Collect consensus and establish guidelines for development and testing that will facilitate faster and more satisfying development.

Education & Experience

BS or MS in Computer Science or a related field

Additional Requirements