Software Engineer Intern — Perception

Santa Clara Valley (Cupertino), California, United States


Role Number: 200076163
Apple is looking for interns for Perception technologies for autonomous systems. You will work on a hardware/software project enabled by the systems you build. The focus of the internship is on designing and developing Perception related data structures and algorithms using C++ and GPGPU in CUDA or Metal. These algorithms will power the perception portion of the autonomous system and will have to work within the compute limits of the system.

Key Qualifications

  • Proven record of excellence in modern C++.  You write clean, well-tested, and well-architected code. You are passionate about code efficiency and correctness.
  • Experience implementing geometric data structures to accelerate real-time GPU ray tracing or
  • Experience implementing GPU based physical simulation (cloth-simulator, deformable simulation, fluid-based simulator) or
  • Experience implementing numerical algorithms (preferably in HPC environment)
  • Solid and fluent understanding of algorithm and data structures
  • Excellent communication skills. You collaborate effectively with other teams and communicate clearly about your work


You’ll join a fantastic team of talented engineers and researchers with deep experience in robotics, machine learning, and software engineering. We hope you’re excited about the values that drive us: • Passion for the mission: We’re here to make something great. We take on whatever work is right for the product and strive for the best possible results. • Humility: The right answer is more important than being right. We search for solutions as a team and value clear-eyed feedback. • Lean habits: You can’t grow without limits. Time constraints and big goals encourage us to sharpen our focus and learn to make great decisions.

Education & Experience

Enrolled in MS or PhD program in Computer Science, Robotics

Additional Requirements

  • Preferred Experience:
  • Experience with parallel programming (tbb / OpenMP)
  • Strong 3D math and linear algebra skills.
  • Contribution to opens source libraries.
  • Publication and research experience related areas (real-time ray-tracing, real-time simulation)