Editorial Intern, Apple News

Santa Clara Valley (Cupertino), California, United States


Weekly Hours: 40
Role Number:200090169
Experience Apple. There’s the typical job. Punch in, make widgets, punch out, repeat. Then there’s a career at Apple. Where you’re encuraged to defy routine. To explore the far reaches of the possible. To travel unchartered paths. And to be a part of something far bigger than yourself. Because around here, changing the world just comes with the job description. Apple News is seeking an Editorial Intern based in Cupertino, CA.

Key Qualifications

  • You should meet the following criteria:
  • - Passion for great journalism, and is passionate about how media, technology, and product intersect.
  • - Experience working in a newsroom either for a college paper or professionally.
  • - Thinks creatively about complex problems. Can take the initiative and deliver under tight deadlines.
  • - Effectively communicate one’s ideas to a large group that may not be knowledgable on the subject material.
  • - Understands how data can inform news and curation decisions, with a desire to learn more about analytics and product development.


The intern will work closely with editors in Cupertino and New York who oversee curation on our platform. In addition to executing and presenting a summer-long research project, Intern duties will include: - Working closely with the editorial team on how to present news stories to a wide audience. - Using analytics and content discovery tools to improve team workflows and decision-making. - Exposure to the product development process. Learn how Apple News decides what features to build next.

Education & Experience

Currently enrolled in a graduate degree in journalism or related field.

Additional Requirements