Junior Video Producer, Marcom

Santa Clara Valley (Cupertino), California, United States


Posted: Sep 5, 2019
Weekly Hours: 40
Role Number: 200098469
Marcom is Apple’s Global Marketing Communications group. We lead all of Apple’s advertising and marketing to ensure the flawless development and execution of world-class communications. The role of Junior Video Producer in Marcom is to assist in the development and execution of best-in-class customer-facing video communication in support of Apple’s business goals. The Junior Producer is responsible for coordinating logistics in support of more senior producers on large scale productions during development of videos from inception through final delivery, as well as leading small scale productions with oversight from senior production staff.

Key Qualifications

  • Understands the Apple voice and aesthetic and can shape creative work that meets the organizations expectations.
  • You are enthusiastic, deeply curious and able to display strong creative instincts as well as promote fresh insights in to new production models and practices.
  • You are a commitment to high-standards and a dedicated work-ethic are mandatory to perform in a fast-moving work environment.
  • You are able to demonstrate creative sensibilities by providing examples of work that represent an artistic point of view.
  • You are diplomatic and work well with multi-disciplinary teams on a creative, strategic and executional level.
  • Enthusiastically tackle problems and figure out how to compromise while contributing to the creative integrity of the work. Able to work upstream, anticipate, plan for, and be flexible about implementing changes.
  • You are resourceful in identifying new talent and techniques within the production community and enthusiastic about communicating that to teams.
  • You are well-versed in hands on production techniques like DSLR shooting and editorial software like Final Cut as well as more sophisticated production approaches.
  • You are a highly organized, responsible, and diligent person able to inspire confidence in senior staff that all bases are covered and assignments are in good hands
  • Significant college production field and course work or comparable real world experience on video production or post-production jobs are preferred.
  • College production major or 2 years real world production/post-production experience.


- Work with champions of Apple brand standards in all aspects of creative work. - Work with our team to assist senior producers by organizing and maintaining production logistics like scheduling, trafficking work, attending sessions, and completing documentation related to budgeting, talent payment and usage. - Attend production meetings and sessions and track decisions for implementation. - We communicate plans without overwhelming teams with too much information. - Lead smaller scale productions with oversight from more senior producers.

Education & Experience

Requires Bachelor's degree.

Additional Requirements