People Business Partner, India (Bangalore)

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Corporate Functions


Weekly Hours: 39
Role Number: 200100779
The People Business Partner is a key role partnering with the leadership teams of a number of business units across Bangalore. Based on the business strategy and deep diagnosis of internal & external trends the Business Partner builds and executes the People Strategy for the relevant business unit / country, and with this is the ambassador of the global People vision. Her/his work is systemic, leverages and resources from Apple’s wider People eco system, facilitates plans and provides an aligned people vision for each business unit / country. This role is an exciting opportunity to work as a trusted advisor to different senior leaders and to provide solutions and recommendations in the People space. The Business Partner is essential in driving leadership capabilities and supporting the leaders in creating a culture, the organisation, leadership styles and the inclusive environment necessary for people at Apple to do the best work of their life. This role is based in Bangalore, India.

Key Qualifications

  • Know People: The People Business Partner needs to know people (individuals across all level and organisation) and needs to know people (what drives, motivates or derails them) and takes this further to quickly establish trust across different parts of the organisation to help push the organisation in a direction that makes sense for all of Apple
  • See around corners: The People Business Partner has the ability to keep one eye on the future of an organisation while managing the myriad demands of the present
  • Approach problems flexibly: The People Business Partner navigates between competing initiatives, responsibilities or priorities, assesses the situation, considers the varied needs or requirements and generates and range of solutions - sometimes by helping others to reformulate the problem statement in a broader context
  • Drive what matters: The People Business Partner knows what matters, continuously drives to get (and keep) others focused on the right strategies and goals. S/he is engaged in a recurrent campaign to connect People initiatives to business objectives and keep the connection top of mind for Senior Leaders and teams. To do that, s/he partners with a variety of teams across the organisation
  • Stay curious: The People Business Partner demonstrates a deep curiosity about the untold or undiscovered story, asks her/himself and others questions about what factors influence outcomes, what things are overlooked, what assumptions might be wrong and what’s happening under the surface. S/he draws others into the conversation and helps Leaders ask astute questions about their own team


Drives the People strategy to meet the short and longterm needs of the relevant business - and of Apple Diagnoses trends for the organisation and adjusts the strategy accordingly Connects people, teams and organisations to execute the strategy Finds ways for Managers and Senior Leaders to create meaningful connections with their team members and with each other Creates an exceptional employee experience, builds a plan for it through data and observation Consistently assesses the organisational effectiveness of all aspects of the employee lifecycle Is seen as trusted and knowledgable member of the leadership team of the organisation(s) s/he supports Guides Managers and Senior Leaders making people decisions and fostering an inclusive environment of performance and innovation Position a business in the wider context: understand internal & external business operations and with that accurately anticipate risks, contribute to creating strategy that shapes the future of the organisation, identify problems that are central to the strategy Building relationships of trust by having a proactive point of view: show a genuine interest in others, act with appropriate balance of confidence and humility, sees to learn from both successes and failures, demonstrate personal integrity and ethics, earn trust through results, frame complex ideas in simple and useful ways, persist through adverse circumstances and have a history of delivering results Managing and maximising the ideas and outcomes that may be inherently in opposition of each other: effectively manage the tension high level strategic issues and operational results, between internal focus on employees and external focus on customers, between taking time to gather information and making timely decisions, between the need for change (flexibility) and stability (standardisation)

Education & Experience


Additional Requirements