Audio Systems Engineer - Cellular

Santa Clara Valley (Cupertino), California, United States


Role Number:200106759
Do you have a passion for invention and self-challenge? Do you thrive on pushing the limits of what’s considered feasible? As part of our system engineering team, you will leverage your experience in cellular audio design to contribute to leading edge wireless solutions that deliver more capability and performance in our products than ever before.

Key Qualifications

  • In-depth knowledge of cellular audio (e.g. speech) signal processing including 3GPP-compliant vocoding and pre- / post-processing.
  • In-depth working knowledge of circuit-switched as well as packet-switched cellular speech processing.
  • Ability to implement C and/or Matlab simulations, including necessary and sufficient test vectors to verify bit exactness of speech processing algorithms which are bit exact to product implementations.
  • Understanding of end-to-end system behavior as it pertains to voice calls and the interactions of the audio subsystem with protocol layers including IMS, RLC, etc. is helpful.
  • Ability to understand and interpret 3GPP speech processing standards (e.g. 26 series) and to derive implementation requirements based on standards.
  • Ability to recognize and inspire changes to speech processing standards to drive audio quality improvements.


In this technical role, you will be steering physical layer system design and algorithm development as part of a modem development group responsible for state-of-the-art wireless products. CORE RESPONSIBILITIES: - You will write system specifications and requirements for 3GPP-compliant audio subsystems for development teams - You may participate in 3GPP SA4 meetings to steer and support HW and SW organizations building state of the art audio solutions - You will develop and run C/Matlab simulations to help model the design and analyze the performance of the audio subsystem architecture. - You will help to drive the audio subsystem architecture roadmap (both HW and SW) to improve constantly audio quality and power efficiency while reducing cost.

Education & Experience

MS with a minimum of 7 years experience or Ph.D. with 5 years experience.

Additional Requirements