OLED Encapsulation Technologist

Santa Clara Valley (Cupertino), California, United States


Weekly Hours: 40
Role Number:200106900
Come work for the Apple’s OLED Encapsulation team comprising of amazing engineers who make the best OLED displays in the world including the Apple Watch and the iPhone. We make the worlds most reliable thin film encapsulation for OLEDs with worlds best electrical, optical and mechanical characteristics while achieving the small display bezels. In this position, you will play a critical role in pushing the boundaries of OLED encapsulation for next generation of products. To do so, you ll be working on core-technologies behind Thin Films deposited though Low temperature PECVD and/or printed through Inkjet Printing process. With this core know how as a springboard, you will be creating next generation OLED displays with unique product design and the best optical and mechanical characteristics. You will be working on these technologies with Apple’s OLED display vendors across the globe to bring them from prototyping to mass production.

Key Qualifications

  • Strong understanding in electrical, optical and mechanical engineering and material science.
  • Strong aptitude for problem solving and ability to push limits of technology while yet being mass production capable.
  • Ability to have a technical debate and communicate.
  • A Post Doc or relevant work experience is a plus.


As a technologist responsible for establishing fundamental tools to quantitatively establish Physical, Mechanical and Optical Properties of Encapsulation : Establishing models that represent thin film mechanical and optical behavior Enable unit process films to collect data from experiments performed with representative equipments Enable tests to quantify fundamental parameters Establish roadmap and predict behavior based on models, unit process films and measurements Assessing the mechanical performance of display technologies, across the range of products and systems sold by Apple Work with cross-functional teams and display vendors to enable the above roadmap into iPhone and Apple Watch

Education & Experience

Preferred requirements: Ph.D. or Masters in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, materials science, computational field, or any closely-allied field

Additional Requirements

  • Candidates with ANY of the below of the key qualifications are welcome to apply :
  • Simulations and unit characterization PECVD thin films (molecular dynamics or monte carlo or other methods). Candidates who have the ability to develop simulations and unit process to predict thin film microstructure(coverage) of PECVD films over arbitrary shapes on a substrate. Ability to also predict physical properties based on such simulations is a strong plus.
  • Simulation and unit Characterization Inkjet printing process (Fluid Dynamics simulations). Candidates who have the ability to predict structure of printed thin films based on material properties, printing process and material-surface interactions.
  • Simulations and unit characterization of Thin Film Mechanics. Candidates with strong physics background and simulation capability of thin film mechanics and crack generation and propagation.
  • Process : Candidates with extensive know prior knowledge in OLED encapsulation PECVD / Inkjet Deposition process.
  • Technology : Candidates with prior experience in Large area, bendable and stretchable electronics with focus on quantitative material studies and mechanical/electrical testing (simulation is a plus)