Display Exploration Engineer

Boulder, Colorado, United States


Weekly Hours: 40
Role Number:200115895
Do something different! Apple is looking for a world class engineer that can help identify and incubate new display technologies. You will work with both suppliers and internal teams at Apple to shape the display related technologies that go into Apple products. A successful candidate will not only need to identify new tech, but also educate a broad audience of people at Apple about their benefits and tradeoffs. This position is focusing on the identification, prototyping, and communication of display technologies for future Apple products. The team features a diverse engineering roster including optical engineers, human perception experts, product design engineers, and experimental physicists. We work at a fast pace and require everyone to be highly self-motivated. A successful candidate needs to be a flexible thinker and be able to problem solve outside of their respective technical area. Join us! It’s going to be awesome!

Key Qualifications

  • Engineering background in displays, optics, human perception, or physics
  • Prior experience prototyping new technologies & building metrology tools to validate key specifications
  • Strong presentation, communication, analytical, critical thinking, and problem solving skills
  • Solid background of physical optics, photonics, light source, and metrology technology
  • Knowledge of display stack-up and basic optical design
  • Experience in EM wave modeling, diffractive optics design, optical bench w/ laser, and metrology tooling construction & alignment, ray trace
  • Understanding on various optical modeling methods as well as modeling SW
  • Capable of prototyping, metrology, conducting design of experiments, and analytical data processing.


Identify new display technologies Build compelling prototypes that demonstrate the new technologies Investigate user interaction with the device Effectively communicate the advantages, disadvantage, and risks of the device Shepard the technologies into both external supplier and internal product roadmaps

Education & Experience

M.S. or Ph.D. in Physics, Optical Science, Imaging, EE, Human Perception or equivalent with 2+ years of experience in related field.

Additional Requirements

  • Experience in consumer electronics and optics/process development
  • Experience managing domestic and international vendors