Data Scientist - Computer Vision/Machine Learning

Austin, Texas, United States
Machine Learning and AI


Weekly Hours: 40
Role Number:200121252
Apple's Strategic Data Solutions (SDS) team is looking for a talented individual who is passionate about implementing and operating analytical solutions that have direct, measurable impact to Apple and its customers. As a CV/ML data scientist on the SDS team, you will build end-to-end solutions for preventing fraud, waste, and abuse while safeguarding the customer experience. The day-to-day work consists of identifying new fraud leads by connecting different data sources together; working with a team of annotators to curate a labeled image dataset; building computer vision pipelines or training ConvNet models; deploying the analytic product into a real-time decisioning platform; and ensuring ongoing operational excellence by monitoring and making operational adjustments. The adversarial nature of fraud and the large scale of the business make for exciting challenges. On this team, you will apply a variety of data science approaches towards the mitigation of fraud.

Key Qualifications

  • Practical experience and theoretical understanding of computer vision methods (e.g., local feature matching) or deep learning models (e.g., CNN)
  • Excellent communication skills, with the ability to distill complex ideas into concise business-focused messages
  • Proficiency in a common programming language such as Python, Java, or Clojure
  • Ability to extract business insights and identify stories behind the data
  • Ability to navigate complex systems spanning toolchains and teams
  • Experience with a data query language (e.g., SQL)


• Translate business needs into technical solutions. Work with program managers, data scientists, and business partners to incorporate analytic solutions into business processes • Explore text and image datasets to identify patterns of fraudulent behavior • Move quickly to combat adversarial attacks by developing and deploying updated models • Maintain operational excellence by developing and monitoring program metrics • Analyze data and communicate findings to audiences with various technical backgrounds (e.g., engineers, program managers, and executives) • Coordinate with engineers and system administrators to deploy analytics to a real-time decisioning platform • Identify and implement new data science tools to complement the existing capabilities of the team

Education & Experience

• M.S. or Ph.D. in Computer Science, Machine Learning, Engineering, or other technical field with 2+ years experience in computer vision or deep learning

Additional Requirements