Surface Engineer

Santa Clara Valley (Cupertino), California, United States


Role Number:200144315
The MEMS Surface Engineer is responsible for developing a fundamental understanding of surface interaction physics as pertaining to stiction and wear at the micro-scale, coordinating measurements to characterize surface interaction, and developing solutions to improve surface interaction performance.

Key Qualifications

  • 10+ years lab experience in semiconductor, MEMS, or printing industries, or related academic research
  • Willing to spend at least 50% of time in the lab
  • Hands-on experience with and fundamental understanding of surface characterization techniques including AFM, SEM/EDX, Auger, and SIMS
  • Fundamental understanding of nano-scale surface tribology
  • Proficiency in Matlab or JMP for data processing and analysis
  • Preferred Qualifications
  • 10 years industry experience
  • Experience in analysis of micro-scale wear between surfaces, including vapor-deposited anti-stiction films
  • Experience with specific AFM modes including electrostatic force microscopy (EFM) and kelvin-probe force microscopy (KPFM)
  • Experience with nano-indentation


The MEMS Surface Engineer must be hands-on, be willing to work in a lab environment, and understand and operate all required metrology equipment. The engineer should possess strong analytical skills in order to develop and conduct novel experiments to investigate surface interactions, and process and present data to the Device Engineering Team. The Surface Engineer must be a team player and possess excellent organizational skills, as he or she will be expected to coordinate DOEs with inputs from cross-functional teams. He or she will be expected to contribute technical problem solving and practical experimentation to improve the performance of critical device surfaces.

Education & Experience

PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Materials Science, or Applied Physics

Additional Requirements